TWO FROM THE HEART - James Patterson, Emily Raymond, Frank Costantini, Brian Sitts
Little, Brown & Company
Hatchett Book Group
ISBN-13:  978-0-316-46890-9 (Hard Cover)
April 2017
Romance Anthology

TELL ME YOUR BEST STORY - James Patterson and Emily Raymond

When a hurricane destroys Anne McWilliams's North Carolina house, her hope for a new life following her divorce now lies in the ruins of her home.  Anne cannot deal with the stress of losing her beloved darkroom and all of her pictures, not to mention her livelihood!  At a loss, she leaves the insurance headaches and rebuilding for her neighbor to oversee, then heads straight to her brother Ben in Virginia.  Lost in her own troubles, Anne has not seen Ben in over three years, but he gives her a special gift that leads her to begin a journey across states in search of new photographs and the stories behind them.  Maybe it is time for Anne to begin listening to the words people speak as she takes their pictures.  Maybe she will write the words down and collect them into a book.  And, maybe, in the process, she'll find a new life.

THE LIFESAVER - James Patterson, Frank Constantini, and Brian Sitts

It's just after midnight when a helicopter lands in an empty field right across from writer Damian Crane's house.  He's been awake and writing all night, but the words just won't materialize.  Has he conjured up a helicopter from his imagination?  Imagine his surprise when he finds none other than Tyler Bron, millionaire aerospace genius, standing at his front door!  Damian has always managed to sell enough books to pay the bills; he's just a small time writer, after all, but now Bron is asking him to write his life!  The concept is a little difficult to understand, but in a weird futuristic twist, with Bron as his hero, whatever Damian types out on his old IBM Selectric will actually happen to Bron in real time.  Thus, a short time later, when Damian writes away Bron's computer toys and puts him in a place far away, the fun begins.

is the newest romance from popular author James Patterson.  Joined by fellow writers, Emily Raymond, Frank Constantini, and Brian Sitts, Mr. Patterson creates two magically wonderful stories of romance and the human spirit.  This lovely book is very special, and you will not put it down until you read from page one right through to the end!  The characters are dynamic gold and the action is heartwarming and delightfully suspenseful.  TWO FROM THE HEART is a novel for your keeper shelf, and one guaranteed to satisfy and treasure.

Diana Risso