WULFE UNTAMED – Pamela Palmer
A Feral Warriors Novel, Book 8
ISBN-13:  978-0-06-210755-8
February 2014
Paranormal Romance

Great Falls, Virginia – Present Day

Several weeks ago Natalie Cash, along with her brother Xavier and several friends, went on a day trip, but the unthinkable happened.  They were kidnapped; Natalie's memories were wiped clean, and her brother Xavier was not seen again.  Who would want to hurt a blind man, let alone her friends?  The police cannot find her brother, and her dreams are tearing her apart.  Visions of naked men and fighting animals stalk her sleep, and even her relationship with her fiancé is not able to help her.  Then a wolf comes to the door, and she feels a strange attraction to the charismatic animal.

Wulfe is a shape shifting immortal called a Feral Warrior.  Immortals that cannot change are called Therian Guards, and they are backing up the Ferals to keep the Mage from freeing the Daemons.  Lyon is the head of the Ferals and has recruited the Therians, mostly from the British Isles, to help protect the Radiant, who gives an animal a shape shifting ability when an old one dies.  Wulfe and his group saved Natalie and her brother from the Daemons who killed the rest of her friends, and then they wiped her mind clear and let her go to back to her life.  As a blind person, Xavier has no visual memories they can erase, so he must remain with them, but he is helping Pink, the shape shifting flamingo in the kitchen, and seems to be accepting the change in his life.

Somehow Wulfe and Natalie have a metaphysical connection to Satanan, and Wulfe can read his mind through her.  When the Daemons attack Natalie in her house, it is only luck that Wulfe is there and able to save her and take her back to their house.  The Daemon Inir is in cahoots with Satanan in trying to let loose Satanan and the rest of the Daemons from their prison, and the deeper Natalie's and Wulfe's feelings for each other, the more their safety and lives are in jeopardy.

Pamela Palmer is continuing the story of the Feral Warriors trying to save the world from Satanan and his Daemons from being released from the prison they've been in for thousands of years and wrecking everything in their sight.  Wulfe and Natalie are a different sort of couple, once she meets Wulfe as a wolf, she feels differently about the animal, and Wulfe is bound and determined to protect Natalie after she was kidnapped.  Natalie's life is turned topsy-turvy, and she might never see normal again, but her love for Wulfe makes everything worthwhile.  Told from their points of view, Natalie is kind and strong, and easily rolls with the punches as her life changes—maybe forever.

All of the other Feral Warriors are secondary characters, especially Lyon, the head of the Warriors, and Kara, the Radiant.  The Warriors are bound together by their ancient animals, and will give all they have to keep the Daemon horde from being released.

WULFE UNTAMED is definitely a novel that needs to be part of a series that you read.  While you can enjoy it without reading previous stories, you will understand it a lot more if you are familiar with the struggle against Satanan that has gone on previously.  Other stories in the Feral Warriors series are DESIRE UNTAMED, OBSESSION UNTAMED, PASSION UNTAMED, RAPTURE UNTAMED, HUNGER UNTAMED, ECSTASY UNTAMED, and A LOVE UNTAMED.  If shape shifters and the paranormal intrigue you, WULFE UNTAMED is sure to pique your interest this month.

Carolyn Crisher