Lonestar Legacy , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2176
ISBN: 978-0-373-73189-3
August 2012
Series Romance

Houston, Texas - Present Day

When Garrett Cantrell agreed to speak with Sophia Rivers about the inheritance she is refusing, he had no idea how she would affect him.  He knows she is beautiful, but he hadn't expected the attraction he feels.  With the Delaney brothers' inheritance from their father contingent upon Sophia accepting hers as well and agreeing to serve on the Delaney board of directors, Garrett has been charged with getting her agreement.  Not only has she refused the inheritance their father left her, she won't even meet the Delaney men—half brothers who never even knew of her existence.  Now that Garrett has met Sophia though, he's finding it difficult to keep the secret of his mission from the woman who has so captured his interest.

After watching her mother pine for a man who refused to marry her or acknowledge Sophia as his child, Sophia wants nothing to do with anything of her father's—especially his money.  This experience has also made her wary of relationships, so she's just as surprised by the pull she feels towards Garrett as he is.  Sophia can feel herself being swept along by romance and lust, but how will she feel when she realizes exactly who Garrett is?

Garrett has always been someone the Delaney family could count on, and in THE RELUCTANT HEIRESS, he's their last hope.  The men were surprised to find out that they have a half sister, but not only has she known about them, she's very bitter, and wants nothing to do with them.  The intense passion that springs up between Garrett and Sophia is a shock to both of them, but with the secrets Garrett is keeping, you know it's only a matter of time before this blows up in their faces.  Garrett isn't happy to be lying to Sophia, but knows that revealing his connection to the Delaney's will end their association.  This poses two problems, as he doesn't want to risk their growing relationship, but also because he hopes to convince her not to turn down the inheritance.

An entertaining romance, check out THE RELUCTANT HEIRESS.

Jennifer Bishop