Callahan's Clan , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2493
ISBN: 978-0-373-83820-2
January 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Texas – Present Day

Wealthy rancher Cade Callahan recently became guardian of his baby niece after her parents were killed in a car accident, and he is in desperate need of a nanny. Luke Dorsey, Cade's best friend, suggests his sister, Erin, since she has a bachelor's degree in child development and she's currently in between semesters before she goes for her masters. Erin could fill in during the down time until college starts and help Cade with choosing a nanny. Cade is skeptical, but once he meets Erin, he realizes she is perfect. The only drawback is that she's sexy and beautiful, which might make it hard to resist becoming attracted to her.

Erin is leery of coming to work for Cade. She recently got out of a relationship with another man after suffering a miscarriage and then being told she might have a difficult time conceiving again. She fears she will become too attached to Cade's niece, but also at the back of her mind is that she might become attracted to him. But Cade offers her a generous salary to work four months until a permanent nanny can be hired. Alas, what Erin fears comes true when she and Cade become lovers and fall into an affair. Cade makes it clear he has no plans to marry, so is Erin about to lose her heart to a man who won't return her love?

A tiny orphan baby girl brings Cade and Erin together in THE RANCHER'S NANNY BARGAIN by Sara Orwig. Cade never expected to end up as his niece's guardian, but his brother and sister-in-law's tragic deaths leave him in shock and caring for their infant. The child, Amelia, is sweet and adorable, but Cade has no one to help him in raising her aside from his elderly grandmother and his cook. Erin steps in and everything is smooth, except for the sizzling attraction that rises between them. Neither wants to just hop into a fling, but the chemistry cannot be denied. It doesn't help matters that their days and evenings leave both feeling like they're a family. Soon, the passion can't be denied. Is getting involved a mistake?

Cade is a good guy and doesn't get involved with Erin just because he has this uncontrollable need to bed her. Erin, meanwhile, realizes that getting involved with Cade will lead to heartbreak because she already has a crush on him left over from her childhood when he hung around her brother. But the confirmed bachelor has no plans to change his “no marriage” plans, as he already saw how his parents own marriage was a disaster. Why risk falling for someone you only end up divorcing? It isn't until Erin is no longer around that Cade finally realizes how much she means to him. While part of the Callahan's Clan series, THE RANCHER'S NANNY BARGAIN can very much be read as a standalone.

A romance that is both sweet and sensual, THE RANCHER'S NANNY BARGAIN will have you rooting for Cade and Erin to find their happily-ever-after together.

Patti Fischer