Lone Star Legacy , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2159
ISBN: 978-0-373-73172-5
May 2012
Series Romance

Dallas, Texas - Present Day

In the year since his brother's death, Will Delaney has tried everything he can think of to get through to his five-year-old niece Caroline, but without any luck.  The formerly joyous child almost never speaks, and hardly ever responds to anyone or anything.  He's hoping that Ava Barton, a teacher who specializes in helping children learn to read, will be able to give him a good recommendation for a summer tutor.  But from the moment Will sees Ava, he knows she's the only woman he wantsóboth as a tutor and in his bed.

Married and widowed while still in college, Ava has just recently earned her doctorate and plans to open a school of her own.  She wants no entanglements in her life, so the spark she feels for Will is a surprise.  When he offers her a staggering sum in exchange for tutoring Caroline for the summer, Ava can hardly say no.  The money will make her school a reality a lot sooner than she could have hoped, but it'll be a challenge to spend this much time with Will.  Sparks fly whenever they are alone together, yet Will has made it clear that marriage and the Delaney men don't mix, and Ava isn't the type to indulge in an affair with no chance of commitment.

A withdrawn child will bring together two people determined not to love in RELENTLESS PURSUIT.  Ava realizes quickly that the society and business pages have led her to misjudge Will, and this could lead to danger for her heart.  He's devoted to Caroline and heartbroken over her silence, and the depth of emotion he shows starts to break down the walls protecting Ava's heart.  Will's mother walked out when he was fourteen, and the only brother to try marriage was Adam, whose wife left when Caroline was very young.  It's obvious to Will and his remaining brothers, Zach and Ryan, that Delaney men aren't cut out for marriage, so he's avoided commitment all of his life.  Ava is the first woman to ever make him wonder about forever, but is it enough to convince him to give their relationship a chance?  Pick up RELENTLESS PURSUIT and find out.

Jennifer Bishop