Lone Star Legacy
Harlequin Desire #2281
ISBN: 978-0-373-73294-4
February 2014
Series Romance

Texas - Present Day

Ryan Delaney makes it a habit of only hiring women to work on the ranch if he can also hire their husbands, but the applicant he's about to interview for the job of cook is single, young…and too gorgeous to turn down. Though he makes it clear he's still interviewing, Ryan allows Jessica to cook lunch and dinner on a trial basis, and at the end of the day, Ryan agrees to hire her for the next year.

Jessica Upton is hoping to find a place to heal from the losses of the past year.  Between her divorce and her miscarriage, Jessica has felt numb for too long and is hoping that time away from the familiar will give her a chance to recover and figure out what her future holds.  She's shocked by her attraction to Ryan, but everything about his ranch soothes her, and Jessica is sure that this is where she needs to be.  All she needs to do is ignore her growing feelings for her boss.

The last single Delaney finds his match in HER TEXAN TO TAME.  Ryan has never really had a relationship, preferring short-term affairs that end amicably.  Despite his two brothers, half-sister and best friend all getting married recently, Ryan doesn't see himself walking down the aisle any time soon.  He's immediately drawn to Jessica's beauty, but as they get to know one another, his feelings for her deepen beyond anything he's ever known with a woman before.  Jessica needs to deal with everything she's lost, but after the divorce was finalized, her ex-husband told her he wanted her back, and her family is pushing for reconciliation also.  She wants some time to herself, without the pressure of family, her ex, or any of the social obligations she had in Memphis.  She'll eventually return, and hopes to open a restaurant, so even though she's attracted to Ryan, she doesn't want to do anything about it, because she won't risk getting hurt again when she leaves Texas.

A sizzling attraction develops into friendship and eventually love in HER TEXAN TO TAME.

Jennifer Bishop