HOT PURSUIT – Lorie O'Clare
The Bounty Hunters, Book 6
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0-312-53458-5
April 2013
Romantic Suspense

Zounds, California – Present Day

Bounty hunter Ben Mercy is after one of the most wanted men in America—but not for the money. The man accused of being the Mulligan Stew assassin was Ben's mentor, and while Ben was content to let him run, now another bounty hunter is on the case. Ben needs to warn his friend before Wolf, a bounty hunter with a bad reputation, finds him. Heading to Zounds with Wolf, under the pretense of being partners, Ben plans to sneak away and find his friend. But before Ben can even begin his search, he gets sucked into Zoey Cortez's life, and his new goal is to get her away from her abusive, want-to-be mobster father.

Wolf always gets his bounty, and the Mulligan Stew assassin will bring in the biggest cash yet. Wolf begrudgingly accepts Ben as a partner, hoping the younger man will lead him to the assassin. And just when Wolf is about to kick Ben to the curb for getting involved with Zoey Cortez, Wolf finds that Angel Matisse is getting under his skin. Before long, both men are wrapped up in trying to keep Angel and Zoey safe from Cortez and his goons. But Wolf isn't about to forget about the Mulligan Stew assassin, and Ben can't let him get too close.

The sixth novel in the Bounty Hunters series, author Lorie O'Clare brings back some familiar characters and introduces readers to even more hunky hunters. A thrilling, action-packed romance, HOT PURSUIT pits two absolute alpha males against the ultimate crime boss, Cortez, who plans to rule the entire state, not just Zounds and its nearby cities. But with Wolf and Ben occupied with Cortez, the Mulligan Stew assassin might just have the time he needs to escape.

B en and Wolf get equal time in the limelight, and readers will be hard-pressed to pick their favorite of the two. Wolf and Ben certainly bring the muscle and the experience, but Angel and Zoey can hold their own as characters — and certainly bring the sass and drama. There is not a dull moment in HOT PURSUIT, so fans should be prepared for a wild ride!

HOT PURSUIT follows SLOW HEAT (NOV 2012). So far there is no news of a seventh book, but be on the look out! Lorie O'Clare knows how to bring the heat and romance, and readers would not want to miss out.

Amanda Toth