WHEN WE TOUCH – Brenda Novak
Prequel to the Whiskey Creek Series
ISBN: 978-1-426-87579-3 at BarnesandNoble.com
ASIN: B008JI9EHU at Amazon.com
August 2012
Digital Romance Novella
Contemporary Romance

Whiskey Creek, California – Present Day

Olivia is on her way to Whiskey Creek to plan a wedding for her sister.  Three months ago, she temporarily broke up with Kyle to move to Sacramento so that she could grow her business as a wedding planner.  How was she to know that her sister, Noelle, would move into her territory and steal her beau?  And to add insult to injury, Olivia must plan their nuptials!  She is not looking forward to seeing Kyle and all of her Whiskey Creek friends.  Even though Kyle says he still loves her, Noelle is pregnant.  Noelle has always been jealous of whatever Olivia had—they are not particularly close.

Olivia drives into Whiskey Creek and has a melt down.  She sees Kyle's step-brother, Brandon, and although she had attended junior prom with him, they never had a close relationship, but there is a definite attraction between them.  He is the athlete of the family, a professional skier.  Noelle is manipulative with few redeeming qualities.  She is furious when she thinks Olivia is sleeping with Brandon—a man she wanted and could never have. Olivia begins to feel sorry for the mess Kyle has stepped into.  Brandon is protective of her, and she begins to see him in a different light.  Will everything settle down after the wedding, or just continue to get worse?

Of course, Kyle is a dog for sleeping with Olivia's sister and getting her pregnant so he gets what he deserves.  But Noelle is not a nice person—she is a schemer and goes after what she wants, and she always wants what Olivia has.  Noelle tries to keep peace in the family and begins to see that Kyle is not the knight she thought him.  Will her friendship with Brandon escalate to something more?  WHEN WE TOUCH is the introduction to the Whiskey Creek series. WHEN LIGHTENING STRIKES comes out on August 28th, WHEN SNOW FALLS on October 30th, and A SUMMER COMES on January 29th.  This is the start of an entertaining series filled with conflict and romance, well paced, with excellent characters and a good storyline.

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Marilyn Heyman