NO ONE BUT YOU Brenda Novak
Silver Springs Series , Book 2
MIRA Books
ISBN: 978-0-778-33061-5
June 2017
Contemporary Romance

Silver Springs, California, Present Day

Sadie Harris calls her husband her ex, but they are still technically married because Sly is doing everything in his power to prevent Sadie from winning her freedom. He's become more and more controlling since their marriage, and Sadie fears he will try to take their five-year-old son, Jayden, away from her. Anything to get her back under his thumb. He allowed her to take only what she could carry when she left him and moved into a small cottage behind a larger house. Sadie works at a diner, but needs a better paying job. However, when she starts looking for one, Sly does everything he can to make sure no one will hire her . . . and he's a police officer. Then Sadie answers a newspaper ad run by Dawson Reed, a man who spent a year in jail.

Dawson was recently judged not guilty of the axe murder of his parents; however, most of the town still holds him responsible. Sadie sees no other choice. When she arrives at the vandalized house and farm Dawson inherited, she finds a mess. Yet the man hires her at a good salary to clean up the house and to be caregiver for Angela, his mentally handicapped sister, when she is returned into his custody.

None of this is going to be easy, even though Sadie soon comes to believe Dawson to be a good man and Jayden and herself safe with him. The farm needs a lot of work to bring it back into a paying proposition. Almost the whole normally friendly town is against him and don't understand why Sadie has anything to do with him. But she needs the money.

Both Sadie and her new boss are good hearted and attractive and soon become friends, but someone out there doesn't want him to succeed or Sadie to thrive. Her little house is set on fire so she loses most of her few belongings. She thinks she knows the arsonist's identity, but the town police are no more interested in her ideas than they were to look for any other suspect in the murder of the Reeds. They are sure it was Dawson whom the couple adopted after his stay at the local New Horizons Boarding School for Troubled Teen Boys. (See book one of the series in Harlequin's Special Edition, FINDING OUR FOREVER.)

Brenda Novak is an excellent writer who knows how to build both characters and plot. NO ONE BUT YOU is so rich in both, the small taste above hardly does it justice. I strongly recommend you get a copy and see for yourself.

I can't wait for the next book in this series, UNTIL YOU LOVED ME, coming soon.

Jane Bowers