FATED - Alyson Noel
Soul Seekers , Book 1
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-0312664855
June 2012
Young Adult Fantasy

Enchantment, New Mexico - Present Day

Daire Santos's life has been turned upside down. Out of the ordinary and downright weird things have been happening to her lately: crows mock her, time stops, and a strange boy is invading her dreams. Out of fear for her mental health, Daire's family sends her to live with her grandmother, a woman she has never met. However, her grandmother knows a thing or two and recognizes her as a Soul Seeker. Soul Seekers can see into and navigate the worlds between life and death.

Eventually, Daire meets the boy from her dreams. Dace, too, is different, and her world becomes even more confusing. Can she trust Dace? Or will he be allied with other forces and ultimately her enemy?

FATED is another interesting look into the fantasy world of Alyson Noel. This book contains thrills and action to suck readers in. The world is vivid and exciting, and the story different from any other. FATED will be a nice change and refreshing read for those who have become bored with the same old dance in young adult fantasy.

Daire, however, is not the most likable character. Her speech is not that of a sixteen year old girl and can at times feel out of place. She cannot seem to understand or accept the strange things happening around her, and this makes Daire seem close minded and empty. Dace is a nice male lead. Almost too nice. He is perfect beyond realistic expectations.

FATED starts off very slow, and readers may have a hard time diving in head first. Once the ball gets rolling (about a third to halfway through the book), the pacing improves and the book becomes much more enjoyable.

Fans of EVERMORE (2009) are likely to find this book more enjoyable. Noel's writing is simply not for some. Young adult readers looking to try something new should definitely give this one a try.