TOTALLY HIS - Erin Nicholas
Opposites Attract , Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-4555-3972-7
November 2017
Contemporary Romance

Boston, Massachusetts - Present Day

Sophie Birch has dedicated her life and what money she makes at the theater that was left to her by her grandmother to help it become a modest success. One night, a fire breaks out, and after everyone exits, Sophie realizes that a script written by her friend, Angie Kelly, might be in danger of being destroyed, so she goes back inside. A handsome cop is soon hot on her trail trying to get her back out. While Sophie eventually finds what she's looking for, her would-be rescuer is ticked at her for refusing his orders. While the sparks might have flown between them, she doesn't have the time to get involved in a romance. Then, Sophie meets Angie's son, Finn. Oh…my…he is her hot cop.

Finn Kelly is protective of his mother, Angie, and is aware that she's involved in the theater, but thinks nothing of it until he comes face-to-face with Sophie a few days after the fire. Sophie appears to have a lot of influence over Angie, plus there's the fact that the fire's origins are suspicious, so it's understandable that Finn doesn't trust her in case she's an arsonist. However, whether Sophie and Finn like it or not, there's some serious spontaneous combustion going on between them.

TOTALLY HIS is the third book in the Opposites Attract series by Erin Nicholas. Though this is the first one I've read in this series, I didn't have any issues in who is who because it's totally Finn and Sophie's story. Sophie was raised by a vagabond charmer who used his only child to land rich women from whom he stole until he tired of them and then moved on. Unfortunately, Sophie and her father, Frank, each inherited half of the theater and he takes his half of profits to spend as he sees fit, while she wants to put it all into making their building better. With the fire comes insurance proceeds, and Frank once again takes half while working on her guilt (father/daughter long term issues) to get her half. Sophie tries to keep Frank away from her personal life, but that may be hard when Finn begins to show an interest in her. The last thing she wants is for her father to get his hooks into Angie.

Finn has a history of commitment issues and is well aware that dating a friend of his mother's could to lead to complications. But he's attracted to Sophie, and they're soon having sex in the theater building after hours. Add in that he and his friends are not only helping to repair the theater, but they're going to perform in the upcoming play based on Angie's script, then Sophie and Finn can't avoid each other. The sparks fly and the chemistry between them sizzles like water on a hot skillet. While Finn worries how their fling will play out, Sophie is worried her father will do something, like stealing money from the Kelly family, to throw another wrench into her personal life.

Besides Frank and Angie, other characters of note in TOTALLY HIS are Finn's brother, Colin, and the various Kelly cousins. The Kelly's are one raucous bunch when everyone is together at the bar they own. We also briefly see Sophie's girlfriends, Kiera and Maya, who have had their stories told in COMPLETELY YOURS and FOREVER MINE, both out now.

There's a touch of lighthearted humor mixed in with the hot romance in TOTALLY HIS, and readers will surely enjoy this engaging tale.

Patti Fischer