NEVER LET YOU GO Monica Murphy
Never Tear Us Apart , Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-101-96730-0
May 2016
New Adult Romance

California Present Day

After finding out the truth about Ethan, that he is actually Will, the boy who saved her from her kidnapper, Katie is feeling betrayed. While it's great to have Will back in her life, the boy she always thought of as her savior, she can't get over the fact that he lied. How can she trust him? And for that matter, Ethan/Will was her first foray back into the real world after hiding away for most of her life can she trust the world to not disappoint her?

Will would give anything to get Katie back into his life. He never meant to hurt her, or lie to her as long as he did. When Katie slowly starts letting him back in, Will is fighting not only his self-hatred, but the dislike and distrust of Katie's family, and the derision of the world. Will can't help that his father was the one who kidnapped Katie years ago, and he can't help his feelings for her now. And if they thought their relationship issues would be the hardest thing they would have to deal with, they're definitely not going to be prepared for what's coming.

If you need a gritty, dark, emotional read, Monica Murphy should be your go-to author. And NEVER LET YOU GO, along with its predecessor NEVER TEAR US APART (JAN 2016), is a prime example. Some books will have you on the edge of your seat, this book will have you pacing the floor and biting your nails.

NEVER LET YOU GO is a direct sequel to NEVER TEAR US APART, and it should definitely not be read out of order. Trust me, it will not work as a standalone. And if you decide to pick up the first book in the duet, you'll want to have book two on hand to pick up the minute you finish the first.

Amanda Toth