Bantam Books Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-8041-7682-8
March 2014
New Adult Romance

California Present Day

FOUR YEARS LATER is the unlikely love story of Owen Maguire and Chelsea Simmons. Owen, a college football star, is struggling in his classes and is assigned a tutor to help get his grades up. His tutor, Chelsea, is a serious student, who has focused her time and energy on school and her future, steering clear of the normal dating and partying that can often distract college students. While opposites on paper, the chemistry between Owen and Chelsea was evident from their very first study session.

While they both initially felt the attraction to each other, Owen and Chelsea were both resistant to acknowledge their feelings and pursue a relationship. Owen knew Chelsea wasn't the type of girl he usually dated, and worried that his poor choices, including alcohol and drug use, would scare Chelsea away. Chelsea was afraid to pursue her feelings towards Owen because of her dating inexperience, and she viewed Owen as a stereotypical jock.

After several study sessions, Owen and Chelsea feel comfortable enough around each other, and let down their guard, and their young love is ignited. From that point, there was no looking back as Owen and Chelsea fell more and more deeply in love. Owen feels a respect and passion for Chelsea that he has never felt before, and Chelsea allows herself to trust a man and experience an all-consuming love for the first time.

Owen and Chelsea are both young, so it's no surprise that there are bumps in the road as they begin to navigate their romance. While initially it appeared that Owen and Chelsea were opposites, as time passes, it is apparent they have more in common than originally meets the eye: they both have closely guarded secrets from their pasts and childhoods. Will they be able to fully divulge their secrets so they can move forward together?

FOUR YEARS LATER is a quick and enjoyable story about the joys, and trials, of young love. While Owen and Chelsea may appear at first as clichés (the athlete that falls for the tutor), as the pages turn, both develop into complicated, rich characters, and it is a pleasurable read to see how they mature and learn to develop a meaningful, romantic adult relationship. There is no doubt readers will enjoy this glimpse into Owen and Chelsea's world, and will be keeping their fingers crossed for a happy ending for these two young lovebirds.

Jennifer Harrington