A WANTED MAN – Jennifer Morey
Cold Case Detectives , Book 1
Harlequin Romantic Suspense #1864
ISBN: 978-0-373-27934-0
September 2015
Romantic Suspense Series

Salt Lake City, Utah and Rock Springs, Wyoming – Present Day

Penny Darden is spending the weekend with her new boyfriend, Jax Ballard, at his cabin in the Utah mountains, and while out walking alone she stumbles across a barn with a white pickup truck hidden in it. Afterwards, Jax seems upset to learn she was outside walking, so she doesn't tell him about what she found. Then, on the television comes a report about a child who was kidnapped and murdered, with the only clue about the killer being that he drove a white pickup truck. Penny is afraid Jax is the killer, so she leaves and later contacts a man hired by the child's family to investigate the murder.

Kadin Tandy lost his only child to a murderous pedophile, and even after he found the killer on his own, he could not save his wife from suicide. This drove Kadin to leave the police force in New York City and move to Wyoming where he opens his own business investigating cold cases. When Penny walks into his office with information about his latest case, he is confused by his reaction to her. Kadin had sworn off women after his wife and child died, but within 24 hours after meeting Penny, he's making love to her. She's smart and independent, so she's certainly not looking for a husband, especially one as damaged as he, yet the sparks between them continue to sizzle. Will getting involved with Penny interfere with Kadin's investigation?

In A WANTED MAN, Kadin is a vigilante when it comes to taking on cold cases where the police have no credible leads. The current case he is working on has everyone stumped. Penny didn't go to the police because not only is she dating Jax, but his family's company has a big contract with her employer, and if she falsely accuses him of murder, she most likely will lose her job. She wants Kadin to check it out without involving her name. He does but, of course, it doesn't take long for Jax to figure out she had spoken to Kadin. Unfortunately, the main evidence—the pickup—is destroyed in a fire before the police can get to it. And Jax's alibi and lack of DNA evidence to the murder stymies both Penny and Kadin. Soon after, shots are fired at Kadin and Penny, but they are unable to find the culprit. With Jax breathing down her neck about the accusations, Kadin takes on 24/7 protection of Penny. However, this closeness only intensifies their growing attraction for each other

Raised by a mother who seemed lonely even as she was independent, Penny fears she is headed down her mother's path and had hoped things would work out with Jax—until she began to suspect he is a killer. Kadin has closed his heart to love and marriage, but boy, oh boy…the sex is great. Penny finds herself falling for Kadin, but he makes it clear he isn't the man for her. Despite her feelings, they continue to work closely together, as the evidence grows—and the attempts on Penny's life—continue. Evidence continues to point to Jax being connected to the crime, but there's not enough to charge him. In A WANTED MAN, this tale takes some twists and turns before the final—and stunning—puzzle is put together.

A WANTED MAN is the first one in Jennifer Morey's new heart stopping suspense series. From the first page to the end, readers will be engrossed in wondering if Jax is indeed the murderer, and if Kadin and Penny can find a way to make their relationship work. If you're looking for an intriguing and entertaining romantic suspense to read, then grab a copy of A WANTED MAN.

Patti Fischer