THE RIGHT SORT OF MAN – Allison Montclair
Minotaur Books
ISBN: 978-1-250-17836-7
June 2019

London, England – 1946

It's post-war London and the city is slowly rebuilding. Many died in the war, with some leaving behind families. Gwen Bainbridge is one of those, a widow with a small son who is currently in the custody of her in-laws because she was found to be “unfit as a parent” after she had a mental breakdown due to losing her husband. Her in-laws are wealthy and titled, which leaves Gwen little to fight them with. With a friend, Iris Sparks, whom she met at a wedding, they have started The Right Sort Marriage Bureau, which promises to help single people find a spouse. But they've barely opened their business when a young woman who signed up with them ends up murdered…by the man she was matched with. Gwen and Iris don't think their male match is the murderer, and they're out to prove who the real killer is.

THE RIGHT SORT OF MAN is a whodunit that will take you through all kinds of twists and turns as Gwen and Iris search for the killer. There is the “why” Tillie (the victim) was killed and the “who” with several possible suspects being unearthed. Through it all, they remain firm in their staunch belief that the accused man is not the killer. Of course, this murder is leaving a stain on their business and they need to stop it or face closing it down. Gwen is also dealing with her in-laws' disapproval over her “outside venture” and this murder isn't helping. She has to toe the line with them or face not being able to live under the same roof as her son, let alone get custody of him back. Iris has never married but it's not for lack of trying. When one of the police detectives investigating the murder turns out to be an old flame, things get uncomfortable between Iris and him.

Iris is the more adventurous of the two ladies, while Gwen is more refined, though she comes from a commoner background. The two delve deep into London's dark underside, where people are always trying to make money, even if it's not all legal. As they crisscross London, Gwen learns a lot about herself in discovering that she enjoys the investigation. She even strikes up an acquaintance with a man who is far away from the life she has known the past several years.

THE RIGHT SORT OF MAN is an intriguing read set in postwar London with the country still struggling to recover. The dialogue and events are true to the time period and the various dialects of London. In the end, the killer might just be right there in plain sight. Will Iris and Gwen's lives be in danger before the end of this tale? Find out by picking up THE RIGHT SORT OF MAN. You won't want to miss this enthralling read.

Patti Fischer