Harlequin Presents #3089
ISBN: 978-0-373-13095-5
October 2012
Series Romance

New York City, New York - Present Day

Two years ago, Chloe Spiridakou had been devastated to learn that her husband was filing for divorce.  Though it had been an arranged marriage and part of a business deal between her father's company and Spiridakou and Sons, Chloe came to love Ariston in their three years of marriage.  She walked out before he could actually serve divorce papers, and has been working to get on with her life ever since.  She has a small art gallery in Oregon, far removed from her ex-husband's world and her father's machinations, but to help her sister, Chloe will have to face Ariston again.  Her family's company is failing, and so is her sister's marriage, thanks to her position as chairman.   Because Ariston still has stock in the company, the hope is that he would be willing to help them out.  Yet Chloe could never have imagined his stipulations.

Ariston has spent eighteen months setting things up to get Chloe back into his life, and will do whatever it takes to succeed.  Yet, while he still finds Chloe as attractive as he did while they were married, it doesn't take long for him to realize she has changed.  She first reveals that she is estranged from her father, then goes on to talk candidly about their marriage—and how little choice she had in the arrangement from the start.  His plans to divorce her two years earlier came about because he believed she wasn't being honest in her dealings with him concerning their arrangement, but this new information puts everything in a different light.  As he deals with the revelations about their first marriage, though, Ariston realizes that he wants this Chloe even more than he had anticipated—only this time he'll have all of her.

Miscommunication and manipulation ruined Chloe and Ariston's marriage the first time around, but in NOT JUST THE GREEK'S WIFE, they get a second chance.  When Chloe was twenty, her father cut off all of her funding, including school, in order to maneuver her into a marriage that would bring a cash infusion into his business.  In spite of her initial feelings about the situation, Chloe was attracted to her new husband, and eventually fell in love with him.  She's only learned to live without him in the years since she left, she still has very strong feelings for Ariston, but she also believes that those feelings are not reciprocated.  While their current conversations shed new light on the past, they still don't talk through everything, causing old wounds to linger.  The attraction between them sizzles, and it's easy to see why their marriage worked, just as it is equally understandable why it didn't.  Can Chloe and Ariston put the past behind them and make thinks work this time?  Pick up NOT JUST THE GREEK'S WIFE and find out.

Jennifer Bishop