MOON CRAVING - Lucy Monroe
Children of the Moon , Book 2
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-23304-7
February 2010
Historical Paranormal Romance

The Highlands of Scotland

Once again, the king of Scotland has ordered Talorc of the Sinclairs to wed an Englishwoman chosen by England's king, in the hopes of easing relations between the two countries.  Unlike three years ago when Emily was sent to him, this time Talorc will wed his forced bride.  Both laird of the Sinclairs and alpha of his werewolf pack, Talorc has given up hope of finding his true mate, and while this means he won't be passing on his Chrechte heritage, he is resigned to his fate.

Since she was ten years old, Abigail Hamilton has lived in a world of silence.  The fever that stole her hearing also took away her family and hope for the future.  Her stepsister, Emily, was the only family member to accept her, and her mother's hatred and disgust convinced Abigail to hide her affliction from all.  With Emily's help, Abigail learned to read lips and converse with others when necessary, but since Emily left England , Abigail has been alone.  Learning of her upcoming marriage is a surprise, for what kind of man wants a woman like her for a wife?  When her new husband learns of her affliction, she is sure he will turn her aside, but Abigail consoles herself with the fact that, not only will she no longer be under her mother's control, but she will also be close enough to Emily's home that she can finally be reunited with her sister.

The first time that Abigail and Talorc meet, there is a connection between them that neither can deny.  Abigail has never wanted to spend time with others, but she wants to be in Talorc's company and feels safe with him.  His outrage over the treatment she has received at the hands of her mother is another surprise to her, as it is to Talorc.  Though he is sure there can be no true mating between a Chrechte and a human, his wolf calls out to Abigail and accepts her more readily than Talorc himself.  But can an arranged match involving two people hiding themselves from each other ever work?

MOON CRAVING is a book that will grab you right from the beginning.  Abigail is a woman who has worked hard to hide her weakness and is all the stronger for it.  With the exception of Emily, her family has basically shunned her, and she can't imagine that any husband could accept her, especially not a Scottish laird who despises the English.  Talorc has his reasons for not trusting the English, but from the first, he accepts Abigail and trusts her as much as he is able.  The chemistry between them spices things up, but readers also get the sense of a deeper connection that makes it easy to believe in the closeness they feel after a relatively short acquaintance.

While MOON CRAVING is the sequel to MOON AWAKENING, the books are connected through their characters rather than a continuing storyline, so it is not necessary to have read the books in order to enjoy them.  Likeable characters and an engaging romance make MOON CRAVING a thoroughly captivating tale that I highly recommend.

Jennifer Bishop