Ruthless Russians , Book 1
Harlequin Presents #3274
ISBN: 978-0-373-13280-5
October 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

San Francisco, California - Present Day

For years Madison Archer hoped that her notoriety would get her father interested in her life, but she's recently come to the conclusion that Jeremy Archer doesn't care about her at all, so she's given up chasing the spotlight.  Then the man she's thought of as her closest friend for the past six years sells a salacious story about her to the tabloids, and her father not only notices, but gives her an ultimatum: marry a man of his choosing or he'll cut her completely from his life.  Three of the men are little more than strangers to Madison, but the fourth option was once her friend…until she told Viktor Beck of her feelings for him, and he turned her away.

Viktor Beck intends to run Archer International Holdings, and marrying Madison is a large part of that plan.  Six years ago he was surprised to realize that his boss's little girl had grown up, and the attraction he felt then was wrong considering her age. Now that she's older, he wants to claim her as his, but his earlier rebuff caused a rift between them, and Viktor will have his work cut out for him in order to convince Madison that his attraction to her is real, and that marriage to him is the right choice.

A marriage based on a business merger has the opportunity to become so much more in AN HEIRESS FOR HIS EMPIRE.  Madison's childhood crush on Viktor turned to love, but his refusal back then makes it even more difficult for a woman who already has trust issues.  She's finally realized that her father doesn't love her, and being splashed across the tabloids isn't going to change things.  An accident as well as her volunteering at an elementary school has kept her from the scandal sheets, and this latest story has the potential to jeopardize all of her dreams.  That Viktor is willing to marry her shocks Madison, as does the attraction he feels for her.  Can she trust this man who's already hurt her once?

The first book in the Ruthless Russians series, AN HEIRESS FOR HIS EMPIRE introduces readers to Viktor, who was raised by his Russian grandparents, as well as his childhood friend and current competitor Max, who is of a similar background.  Max's book will be released next month and brings him together with Madison's best friend.  An engaging romantic tale, look for AN HEIRESS FOR HIS EMPIRE.

Jennifer Bishop