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A Perfect 10
Big Love from Galway, Book 1
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1-7282-7805-6
August 22, 2023
Romantic Comedy

Galway, North Carolina – Present Day

Alice Rose Barnes has a problem most people wish they had. She won eighty million dollars in a lottery, and she is feeling miserable. People are coming out of the woodwork wanting her to help them and she feels trapped in her apartment in Indianapolis. She decides to leave town in the middle of the night and go wherever she can to find solitude. Oh, and she drops her first name to remain anonymous. When Rose’s car slides off the road during an unexpected snowstorm outside Galway, she is rescued by a big burly man who gets her out. He also directs her to a bed and breakfast where she plans to spend a couple of weeks. But Rose is impressed by the small town and its friendly people and decides to stay. 

Rose ends up buying a rundown house that will need to be fixed up. With plenty of money she uses sparingly, she has an unlimited budget. And the contractor that is recommended to her is none other than that burly man from her first night. Angus Drummond thinks Rose is a little crazy to put money into the house when it appears that she doesn’t have a lot of money. You see, Rose is not telling anyone that she is rich. In fact, she worked in a local Galway diner until she started college. Her plan is to spread the wealth to the people in town—but anonymously. Angus thinks she is way over her head financially. How will he feel when he learns the truth? They’re also finding themselves attracted to each other. At what point will Rose trust Angus with the truth about her financial status?

Rose is a curvy woman and let’s just say that people have not been kind to her because of her curviness. It is one of the reasons that she distrusts people, especially after those she thought liked her were only using her. After her mother died from cancer several years ago, Rose had a pretty much solitary life except for her job at a diner—and an old man she became friendly with. She was there when he died. But while he was dying, he shoved a sack at her and told her that it was hers. Later, she looked inside to find a lottery ticket—the winning lottery ticket for eighty million dollars. How could so much money bring misery? But Rose plans to brighten the lives of those less fortunate. 

Angus is a veteran and one of those guys who likes to help others. He offers counseling to vets with PTSD and would love to expand on it but there’s a funding issue. He also sees Rose as another one to help. While he thinks that she is probably getting herself into debt with the way she spends it on the house, she refuses to talk about finances with him. He’s a proud man and as such, does understand that she wants to be independent. Meanwhile, Angus can’t get his mind off her sexy curves. Just when he’s about to go crazy lusting after her, they both finally voice their feelings. Rose and Angus are about to get lucky with each other. 

I really enjoyed CURVES FOR DAYS because Rose and Angus are two real and remarkable people. Their story is entertaining and will keep readers glued to the pages. This is why I’m giving it A Perfect 10 from RRT. You will fall in love with our couple and be rooting (as I did) for them to get a happily ever after. Rose didn’t have the best life growing up, but she was loved by her single mother. Angus was raised by his grandparents after his mother died. But both learned something from their growing up: giving back to others. Their bantering and bickering enliven this tale and make it a fun read. If you love a well-written romantic comedy, then you won’t want to miss CURVES FOR DAYS.

Patti Fischer

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