Miniseries: Cooper Creek
Harlequin Love Inspired
ISBN: 978-0-373-87760-7
July 2012
Inspirational Romance

Dawson, Oklahoma Present Day

Six months ago, Reese gave Cheyenne hope when she needed it the most. He married her, a perfect stranger who was pregnant, with little prospect for her future.  Reese was in the service being deployed to Afghanistan while Cheyenne was working two jobs in Las Vegas, left by a man who pretended to marry her, then left when she got pregnant. Reese left for overseas three hours after their wedding, and they become friends through letters.  Now he is home after being injured and blinded in an explosion.  He is dismayed when Cheyenne comes to Dawson when he never even told his family about his impetuous marriage.  Cheyenne meets his family, but when she sees his shock, she leaves, not knowing what she is going to do.

Cheyenne stops in Dawson, and is gazing at an old abandoned barber shop wishing she had the money to rent the little building to use her cosmetology skills and start a business, when Reese's grandmother Myrna stops to see if she needs some help.  Strangely enough, Miss Myrna owns the little old shop and offers it to Cheyenne.  Another life saver!  Reese comes to visit, but he is trying to cope with his own situation.  Will they go through with their original plan of an annulment, or will their friendship lead to something more?

An entertaining story, THE RANCHERS SECRET WIFE is about two wounded souls who come together.  They are good people trying to cope with the hurt that life has handed to them.  Together, they make each other stronger.  Can love follow their friendship?  Reese has a wonderful family, but Cheyenne must come to terms with her people.  Of course,
this is an inspirational romance and God is involved, helping this stressed couple find their way.  THE RANCHER'S SECRET WIFE is an emotional, heart-felt tale and an enjoyable read.

Marilyn Heyman