DRAW ME CLOSE – Nicole Michaels
Hearts and Craft Series , Book 3
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1250-05817-1
March 2016
Contemporary Romance

Kansas City and Preston, Missouri

Valentine's Day is just another day for Lindsey to work on the renovation of the turn-of-the-century farmhouse that will be the new home of her friend Anne and her soon-to-be husband Mike. Besides being a decorator, Lindsey searches out old items and restores them or “repurposes” them in creative ways. Anne is an event planner who took on two partners in her domestic lifestyle blog: Callie, who owns a bakery, and Lindsey.

Lindsey's having a hard time these days. She's broke and living with her sister until she can get back on her feet. Not that living with family is hard; she loves her sister and brother-in-law and is crazy about their little baby girl. Probably the worst thing right now, though, is working with the architect and contractor renovating the house. He's the man who suddenly broke her heart about eight years ago when they were in college. She avoids him when she can.

Derek Walsh didn't tell Lindsey the truth when he broke up with her, and he hates that he had to do it. His life has changed now and he's free to woo her back…if she would just forgive him. What will happen after the first big snowfall of the year when Anne talks Lindsey into going sledding with her and her daughter and they run into Derek and his son Tanner?

DRAW ME CLOSE follows START ME UP and WIN ME OVER in the Hearts and Craft series and stands alone very well, but I want to highly recommend all three books. (I gave WIN ME OVER a Perfect 10.) They are fun, passionate, and nicely plotted with well-developed characters and relationships. In this tale, conflict occurs over Lindsey's straightened circumstances and the reasons for them, and in the behavior of Derek's ex-wife over their son.

You'll be won over for sure.

Jane Bowers