Harlequin Romance #4395
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-74260-8
October 2013
Contemporary Series Romance

Worthington, Pennsylvania Present Day

Looking for a new start after losing her job in California, Althea Johnson has come home to interview for a tutoring job.  Clark Beaumont needs a private tutor during the winter break for his son, Jack.  The job is perfect for Althea.  She longs to go home and reconnect with her sister after being away for years, and Clark's job offer will give her the extra money to hold her over until she can find a regular teaching job.  But Althea finds a strange and troubled atmosphere at the Beaumonts' house.  Clark is organized to a fault; Jack is sullen and silent, and his three year old sister, Teagan doesn't speak at all!  Althea smells big trouble here.  These kids need her.

Ever since his wife died three years ago, Clark Beaumont has kept his children protected and hidden away from the people in town.  There were whispers and speculations after the funeral; seems like everyone except Clark knew she was having affair!  So, rather than subject the kids to the inevitable gossip, he keeps them home.  Bitter and remorseful, Clark rarely speaks about his wife; he put all the pictures of her away, and hasn't even decorated for Christmas!

Clark needs a SINGLE DAD'S CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, and Althea just might be the girl to help him find it!  The silence in the Beaumont household makes Althea suspicious.  She's sure things are gravely wrong here.  If only one person had taken the time to inquire about her childhood, maybe she and her sister could have been saved from their abusive father.  Althea can't leave here until she learns the truth.

Clark and Althea feel the powerful electricity the first time they touch, but as much as Althea wants to help Clark, they both know they can't cross that line between employer and employee.  Althea's mission is helping Clark and his children learn how to interact and share memories of their mother.  And, as much as she wants to see her sister, she dreads going home where she'll run into her father.  The characters are all dynamic, and the story is a wonderful read!

SINGLE DAD'S CHRISTMAS MIRACLE should be in your next shopping bag!

Diana Risso