SO OVER YOU Kate Meader
The Chicago Rebel s, Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-5011-6856-7
December 2017
Contemporary Romance

Chicago, Illinois Present Day

Isobel Chase and her two half-sisters each inherited an equal share in the Chicago Rebels pro-hockey team, but per their father's will, the team must reach the playoffs this season or it will be sold. Isobel has been trying to avoid the man who took her virginity years ago, Vadim Petrov, but it's hard to do when he is now a part of the team. Isobel and Vadim haven't spoken since that night, which ended when her father walked in on them and banished her lover out of the country. While Vadim is still devastatingly attractive, Isobel wants to keep their relationship businesslike. But will the desire that never died between them make her break the vow?

Vadim stayed away from Isobel because her father had the power to ruin his career, but with the man now dead, he should have a clear path to rekindle things with her, right? But she's as prickly as a pear and he will honor her request to keep it impersonal between them. She is assigned as his coach as part of his rehabilitation after an injury, and they grow closer, which has their mutual attraction bubbling once again. Will Isobel and Vadim be unable to resist giving in to passion? Will the team make the playoffs and save the sisters from having to sell it?

The sexual chemistry is off the charts for Isobel and Vadim in SO OVER YOU, the second book in The Chicago Rebels series by Kate Meader. Isobel was introduced in the first tale, IRRESISTIBLE YOU, which focused on her sister, Harper, and Remy, a star player on the team. As the middle child, Isobel was the one who spent the most time with her father, and always wanted to please him. Unfortunately, getting involved with Vadim displeased her father and he banished the Russian hockey star by getting his visa revoked.  Now both Isobel and Vadim are much older, but the feelings between them are still there. Harper frowns on her sisters getting involved with the players (though she did so herself) and Isobel tries to resist Vadim, but they're just too irresistible to each other.

Vadim deep down loves Isobel, but he stands back, hoping she'll give him some sign. Of course, she doesn't, but that still doesn't stop the sizzling awareness between them. A big hockey player like Vadim shouldn't be the one to voice his feelings first, but he suffers from the disappointment of his mother walking out on him and his father when he was a child. Vadim's strict father is now gone, and his mother lives on the fringes of his life, mainly because of his young sister. Vadim cares for his sister, but his mother is another story. Isobel, who has had her own family issues, tries to bring the Petrov family together. Will it work? Vadim's inability to push or fight for Isobel's love during the course of SO OVER YOU will have readers rooting them on. They battle each other in love and in pain, and readers will be pulled in as they bicker back and forth.

Isobel and Vadim have a lot to fight for before they can find true happiness. She thought that all there was between them was sex. As they battle, they finally work out the issues from their past. SO OVER YOU is intriguing and enjoyable, and I highly recommend that you pick this up the next time you're looking for a good read.

Patti Fischer