ALY'S HOUSE - Leila Meacham
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4555-4137-9
October 2016
Contemporary Romance (Reissue)

Claiborne, Oklahoma, 1985

Alyson Kingston never felt a part of her prominent family. With her father a banker, her mother a leader of society, and her older sister Victoria a beauty, Aly with her plain freckled face and drab hair felt the lack of warmth from her parents. But one day she not only found a place where she was accepted, but she also fell in love. (Any reason you can't fall in love at six?) Aly had accompanied the family chauffer/handyman to Cedar Hill farm to pick up the laundry the lady of the house had done, and she was invited in out of the cold. Her reception was as warm as the kitchen. This is where she met and fell in love, not only with the kind Elizabeth Wayne, but also the popular few years older son of the house, Marshall.

These feelings would last years, all through the time her father had cruelly foreclosed on the Marshall farm, through being blamed for something of which she was innocent but Marshall believed, and then his thirteen year absence from the town. But now he is back.

Marshall Wayne is back in Claiborne. He's now prosperous and can exact his revenge on Lorne Kingston and get back what was stolen from him and his family. Will he? And what about Aly, the little girl who had such a crush on him? He's in for a surprise.

ALY'S HOUSE is a short, engrossing read with two attractive lead characters. It's an early book by an author with recent best sellers. Well done, Ms. Meacham!

Jane Bowers