The Submissive Trilogy , Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-451-46624-2
October 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

New York – Present Day

After a lot of discussion, Abby King and Nathaniel West decide to resume their Dom/sub relationship. What began as a weekend D/s relationship evolved into more, but when Abby got too close, Nathaniel made sure that things between them ended.  Though they eventually reconciled, admitted their love, and started seeing each other again, the new relationship hasn't included any of their former play. Both of them have admitted they need the D/s element in their relationship, and they come up with a plan to “play” on the weekends, while living a more mainstream life during the week.

The final book in The Submissive Trilogy , THE TRAINING takes Abby and Nathaniel deeper into both their romantic and their BDSM relationships.  Abby had never been a submissive before learning that Nathaniel was looking for one, and everything about BDSM is new to her.  She had long admired Nathaniel, and once she starts spending time with him, she knows it won't take much for her to love him.  Nathaniel has had plenty of submissives, but has never let himself care too deeply for any of them.  Abby had always been the unobtainable woman as far as he was concerned, and it wasn't easy to be her Dominant while keeping his other feelings for her hidden.  Now that they've admitted they love each other, they are trying to find a balance between that love and the BDSM they both need.

A captivating tale, it's best that you read the stories in order so that you have a better understanding of the relationship between Abby and Nathaniel.  The stories are connected in a way that takes the reader through their journey from virtual strangers to a couple in love but unsure if they can be everything the other needs to be happy.  While the sex scenes sizzle, it's the deeper emotional connection that will keep readers enthralled in THE TRAINING.

Jennifer Bishop