The Submissive Trilogy, Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-451-46622-8
June 2013
Contemporary Erotic Romance

New York City - Present Day

For years Abigail King has fantasized about Nathaniel West, and now she'll have a chance to do more than fantasize…on his terms.  She's aware that Nathaniel is a Dominant, and while submission isn't something Abby has tried before, the thought of doing so with Nathaniel turns her on.  In spite of her lack of experience, Nathaniel agrees to give her a test weekend to see if she's willing to become his submissive.

One weekend is all Abby needs to know that she wants Nathaniel to be her Master, and though a part of her wonders if she's crazy, the rest of her is thrilled to be with the man of her fantasies.  Her weekdays are her own, but Friday night through Sunday afternoon she gives everything over to Nathaniel, and is having the time of her life.  Every now and then Abby gets glimpses of someone more than the powerful CEO and Dominant, and she finds herself falling for that man. 

The first book in Tara Sue Me's trilogy, THE SUBMISSIVE introduces readers to Abby and Nathaniel, as Abby is introduced to Domination and submission.  Something had been missing in her previous relationships, and when she learns that Nathaniel is a Dominant and is intrigued by the knowledge, she thinks she may have figured out what was missing.  Told from Abby's point of view, we don't get to know too much about Nathaniel, but the next book, THE DOMINANT, which will be released in August, is Nathaniel's story.  For anyone living in New York, Nathaniel is well-known as a brilliant and ruthless CEO, but for Abby he is a hero. When her mother was about to lose her home, Nathaniel stepped in and helped.  As they get more deeply involved, she occasionally sees beyond the ruthless CEO, but Abby knows that he holds himself apart from everyone—how can she hope to change that as his submissive?

Other characters include Abby's best friend, Felicia; as well as Nathaniel's Aunt Linda, who raised him after his parents' deaths; his cousin Jackson, and his best friends Todd and Elaina.  They all play a part in the relationship between Nathaniel and Abby becoming more than just Dominant and submissive, and there's even a secondary romance between Jackson and Felicia. 

A sexy and inviting kick-off to a new erotic trilogy, THE SUBMISSIVE should not be missed.

Jennifer Bishop