THE MASTER - Tara Sue Me
Submissive , Book 7
ISBN: 978-0-451-47455-1
February 2016
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Wilmington, Delaware - Present Day

After a BDSM scene went horribly wrong, Sasha Blake was left scarred, both physically and emotionally.  It's been months since that night, though, and she misses submitting enough that she's willing to face her fears.  She can rejoin her group if she's willing to go through retraining, but Sasha wasn't prepared to have Cole Johnson as her trainer.  Sexy and intense, it's rumored that he's one of the toughest Dominants around.  While a part of her is terrified at the thought of submitting to him, another part is intrigued.

Cole knows that the timid woman he's retraining is not for the long term his tastes run more to a 24/7 relationship than the occasional play session.  But he sees the strong submissive behind the scared woman, and that compels Cole to help her.  When she tells him she's ready for more, though, Cole can't help but wonder if he is.

The latest installment of the Submissive series, THE MASTER is about rediscovering what makes both Sasha and Cole happy, as well as overcoming her fears.  Sasha was traumatized months earlier during a scene, and she hasn't been able to put it behind her.  As she watches her friends find happiness with their Dominants, Sasha wishes she could get back what she lost.  While Cole is a bit terrifying, she also feels that he's the one who will be able to help her break down the walls that have protected her these last months.  Cole recently was dumped by the woman he'd lived with for eight years, and a part of him is still struggling with the break up.  Thanks to their mutual friends, he's spent some time with Sasha, and he's happy to help her.  It doesn't take him long to realize, though, that she will test not just his control, but possibly even his heart.

In spite of being part of the series, THE MASTER stands well on its own. The other stories have featured the other members of their play group, and while we've seen some of Sasha and Cole in the earlier books, this one focuses pretty exclusively on them.  A sizzling erotic tale, don't miss THE MASTER.

Jennifer Bishop