The Submissive Series , Book 9
ISBN: 978-1-101-98931-9
Erotic Contemporary Romance
October 2016

Manhattan, New York - Present Day

When Luke DeVaan asks Meagan Bishop to be his model for a photography book he's putting together, she flatly refuses.  The last time Meagan posed for Luke, they had a torrid affair that ended abruptly and shattered Meagan's hopes for their future.  Fifteen years have passed, but Meagan isn't about to become involved with him again.  Then she receives a blackmail threat: either she gets information from Luke, or her past will be revealed.

Luke has regretted the way he ended things fifteen years ago with Meagan, and when he ran into her again, he still felt the same spark he had all those years ago.  When he decides to publish a book of erotic photography, Meagan is the only person he wants as a model.  Her eventual agreement is the first step, to Luke's mind, of getting back the one woman he never forgot.

Fans of The Submissive Series have seen the sparks between Meagan and Luke from the first time they reconnected.  In THE EXPOSURE, we finally have their story.  They met pretty early in their respective careers, and after an extended weekend together, Luke received some advice from a mentor and thought it best to break things off with Meagan.  Photography has become more of a hobby for Luke, who now is a club owner, and Meagan is now a television executive.  The attraction they felt for each other never truly died, and now that it's been rekindled, all bets are off.

Though the ninth book in the series, THE EXPOSURE focuses on the relationship between Meagan and Luke, while still giving fans plenty of time to catch up with the couples featured in the previous novels.  A sizzling erotic tale, be on the lookout for THE EXPOSURE.

Jennifer Bishop