The Submissive Trilogy
, Book 4
ISBN: 978-0-451-47451-3
April 2015
Contemporary Erotic Romance

New York and Delaware - Present Day

When Abby began exploring BDSM, her Master had her write a journal, and in the years since she married him, the journal has become a successful blog.  After giving birth to their second child, Abby gave up her job, but the success of her blog has brought a representative from National News Network to Abby's door, with an offer to write a blog that would tie into a new television show.  While she's aware that her writing has been helpful to others, Abby has never really considered it as a career, and she's excited at this new adventure.

With two children under the age of six, Abby and Nathaniel haven't had as much time to play as they used to, and both have hoped that would soon change.  But the more involved Abby gets in her career, the more demanding Nathaniel seems to become.  For the first time in years, there is tension between Abby and Nathaniel, and she has to hope their love is strong enough to overcome the obstacles they find in their path.

Though Abby and Nathaniel have a happy and fulfilling life, a pre-schooler and a toddler can make alone time a little difficult.  Visits to their playroom have become limited to once a month, and they both miss that aspect of their relationship.  Yet when they start to explore ways to expand their sessions, Abby begins to question things.  Is Nathaniel missing something in their intimate life that is causing him to push for more?  And exactly how much more is she willing to give?  This book is told completely from Abby's point of view, like the first novel was, so we don't get a lot of insight into what Nathaniel is feeling.

With three books and a novella before this, it's probably best to read them in order to see the beginning of the relationship between Abby and Nathaniel.  Along with the family members that were present throughout the series, Abby and Nathaniel meet the characters from Tara Sue Me's Partners in Play series, and setting up her next novel, which will blend the two series.  An emotional look at life after the “happily ever after”, THE ENTICEMENT is a scintillating erotic tale.

Jennifer Bishop