THE COLLAR - Tara Sue Me
The Submissive Series , Book 5
ISBN: 978-0-451-47453-7
July 2015
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Wilmington, Delaware - Present Day

It has been three years since Jeff Parks removed his collar from Dena Jenkins and ended their relationship, but that doesn't mean that things are over.  They still belong to the same play group, and see each other often.  Recently Jeff and Dena did a scene together for a friend, and Jeff realized it's time to move on.  His father needs help in Colorado, so Jeff plans to move back temporarily at least, but he agrees to give a demonstration at a group event with Dena.

The harassing phone calls she'd been receiving were upsetting to Dena, but when she comes home to find a threatening note, she decides to ask for help.  She's worked hard to make a life separate from that of her politician father, so if she goes to the police, the Senator will find out.  So she decides to go to a security specialist that she trusts: Jeff.  His insistence that he can protect her best if she moves in with him is bittersweet.  For years Dena has wanted a second chance with Jeff, and now that she's back in his house, she intends to hash things out once and for all.

The fifth book in the Submissive series, THE COLLAR also merges this series with the Partners in Play series.  Jeff and Dena played a part in the book, SEDUCED BY FIRE, which was Julie and Daniel's story, as well as making an appearance in the last Submissive book, THE ENTICEMENT.  Along with Julie and Daniel, Nathaniel and Abby (from the Submissive series), as well as Cole and Sasha (friends and fellow members of their group) are an integral part of the romance between Dena and Jeff, as they all want their friends to work things out..

Throughout both series, it's been obvious that Jeff and Dena share a history, and we finally get to learn what it was.  Dena is the daughter of a senator, and she is also a Harvard educated lawyer.  Jeff, on the other hand, grew up with an absent father and an alcoholic mother, dropping out of high school and leaving home at sixteen. He's a successful businessman now, but he still sees the class separation between himself and Dena as an obstacle.  The tragedy that led to their breakup years earlier still haunts them both, but when they are forced to spend time together, they finally have a chance to work through their issues.

Sizzling hot chemistry between them leads to some very sexy scenes.  This blends well with the emotional side of the story, creating a steamy yet sensitive story in THE COLLAR.

Jennifer Bishop