THE CHALET - Tara Sue Me
The Submissive Series , Book 3.5
Berkley (Digital only)
ISBN: 978-0-698-19047-4
November 2014
Erotic Romance Novella

Manhattan, New York and Zermatt, Switzerland - Present Day

As their wedding approaches, Abby King suggests to her fiancé and Dominant, Nathaniel West, that they abstain for the month before the wedding.  Not just from sex, but also from their weekend BDSM play.  They've traveled a difficult road to find their happily ever after, and after everything they've gone through, this might be the most difficult challenge yet.

Fans of the Submissive series are in for a treat as they get a chance to see Abby and Nathaniel's wedding and honeymoon.  What initially started as a Dom/sub relationship quickly turned into something more something Nathaniel was not ready for.  After a rough patch, they admitted their love for one another, and now they are about to get married.  Without having read the previous stories, THE CHALET is an engaging short story, but I'd recommend reading them in order so you have the full impact of what this step means for Nathaniel and Abby.  Instead of being an epilogue to the series, though, THE CHALET introduces readers to the next chapter in the Submissive series, and should not be missed.

Jennifer Bishop