Lessons from the RACK , Book 1
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-399-58448-0
April 2017
Contemporary Romance – Erotic

Oregon - Present Day

Andie Lincoln was surprised when her longtime friendship with now movie star Terrence Knight took a romantic turn – but not as surprised as when he explained that he is a Dom.  After some research into the subject, Andie's pretty sure she's a submissive and wants to be trained as one to serve Terrence.  With his help, she enrolls at the exclusive RACK Academy, internationally known for its BDSM training.

Fulton Matthews is not impressed when Andie is added to his class.  She's not only completely untrained, she's also a virgin whose “golden boy” boyfriend is too busy with his life to train her himself.  Yet, as he helps Andie uncover her submissive nature, Fulton can't help but be intrigued by her.  A bad break-up caused him to swear off relationships, and now he craves one with Andie.  There are only two problems with that: he's her teacher, and she belongs to another Dom.

The first book in Tara Sue Me's Lessons from the RACK , MASTER PROFESSOR introduces readers to the Academy and a few of its instructors.  Fulton has only recently been promoted to director of new students, but in all his time at the Academy he has never been personally drawn to a student – until Andie.  Andie and Terrence have been friends since elementary school, and recently realized they were attracted to one another.  Because of Andie's virginity and her desire to be trained as a submissive, their relationship hasn't progressed very far yet, and she plans to change that after her summer course at the RACK.  Why then does she keep thinking about Master Matthews?

The Academy's headmaster is Lennox MacLure, a man shrouded in mystery but with a past that somehow includes Mariela, the dance instructor and a submissive, and there are hints that their story may be next in the series.  An engaging tale, be sure to check out MASTER PROFESSOR.

Jennifer Bishop