The Seduction Diaries , Book 2
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-233512-8
December 2015
Historical Romance

London and Cornwall, England - 1853

Miss Lucy Westmore would rather be dabbling in her greenhouse dressed in her brother's trousers than dancing at balls among the ton. However, her mother is determined that Lucy makes her come-out this season. For family reasons, her debut has been put off until now. Lucy is one and twenty, and equally determined to be an independent-and single-woman. A package she receives from her recently deceased aunt gives her a chance to escape. The package contains Aunt E's diary and the news that she has left her a cottage in Cornwall to Lucy.

Another person, Lord Thomas, the Marquess of Branston, has already fled London and Society; he could take no more of the nasty gossip about his beloved sister's rumored suicide. He makes a friend of Lady Edith Westmore of Heathmore Cottage. After her death, he buys the cottage and land from Lady E's niece's father, only to get a letter from her accusing him of trespass and demanding he leave the cottage or else.

Lucy is infuriated by her father's selling her cottage, and by hook and by crook and very little money, she sets off for Cornwall.

Why does Thomas want the land so badly? It's just a run-down cottage with land unsuitable for farming.

All this barely touches the moving and entertaining story to follow. The characters are realistic and the secrets tantalizing…not to mention the fireworks between the highly likable Lucy and Thomas.

Jane Bowers