A Cricket Creek Novel - Book 4
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-41557-8
May 2013
Contemporary Romance

Cricket Creek, Kentucky - The Present

Savannah Perry jumped into the swimming pool to save the dog of one of the Whisper's Edge residents. A man jumped in afterward to save her. Tristan McMillan thought he was saving a life, but Savannah doesn't need saving; she instructs pool activities at the retirement community. Now she has embarrassed the new owner of Whisper's Edge. Uh-oh! It turns out Tristan has a good sense of humor, even at his own expense, but while the run-down retirement home's residents salute him as a hero, he doesn't reveal his purpose—to sell Whisper's Edge for development and make a killing on the land's value. Uh-oh, indeed.

Savannah Perry was a homeless waif when Kate, the manager of Whisper's Edge, found her sleeping in an empty trailer and gave her a job as activity director. Now Savannah has a home of her own, and the elderly residents treat her as family. She and Kate both pin their hopes on Tristan renovating Whisper's Edge. Nearing her thirtieth birthday, Savannah finds a special attraction in her new boss, who is the grandson of the former owner, but how can someone with no background, a former foster kid who aged out of the system, expect a wealthy, well-educated lawyer to ever return her regard?

Tristan wants to prove he is better than his hateful and curmudgeon grandfather. However, the hitch in his plan is Savannah and his attraction to her. She is very different from the type of woman who usually attracts him, and he doesn't want to disappoint her. Differing plans for Whisper's Edge stand between them.

Much misunderstanding between characters drives the tension in this story, while the retirement home residents add touches of humor. A second romance between Kate and Whisper's Edge resident Ben helps move the story along. These two have been wounded by love and wonder if friendship can become more. A rich assortment of characters populates WHISPER'S EDGE, and characters from the previous stories of Cricket Creek also show up, yet this volume is easy to understand without having read any of the other stories.

Robin Lee