A Cricket Creek Novel
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-23780-4
September 2012
Contemporary Romance

Cricket Creek, Kentucky – Present Day

Reading the first chapter of PITCH PERFECT is like being dropped into the middle of a situation comedy.  Mia Monroe is talking to the hula dancer on the dashboard of the clunker she just purchased before leaving Chicago.  After an argument, and angry with her father, she leaves home determined to make it on her own.  Used to a wealthy life style, she leaves behind her new car and most of her credit cards.  She only has one credit card for gas and very little cash.  She stops at the Wine and Diner restaurant in Cricket Creek for lunch, accidentally spills water on the young man sitting next to her at the counter and bumps the man on the other side, who in turn, drops his sandwich and the waitress slips dropping her tray of food.  Food is flying and the young man, Cameron, is frowning as he sits on the stool with a wet crotch, looking at his soggy food.  Other people sitting around her are laughing at the debacle.  After the first chapter, the story settles down into a more solid tale.

Cam was fired from the Chicago Cubs baseball team.  He had been somewhat of a screw-up, but has another chance with the Cricket Creek Cougars minor league if he can keep his act together.  He feels trouble brewing because of his attraction to the new woman in town, Mia.  When she tries to drive away from the restaurant, smoke billows from her car.  Oh, oh, no car and no money!  The repair man offers to store her car until she can afford to fix it, and she gets a job at Wine and Diner, which includes an apartment and food.

Mitch Monroe, Mia's father, is in a relationship with Nicolina who opened a jewelry store in Cricket Creek.  He is an investor in the baseball stadium and new shops there.  Now that his daughter has left, he realizes that he was so busy making money that he doesn't have a close relationship with her.  They love each other, but she has been spoiled regarding spending money and he hopes that she will learn the value of work.  He sends someone to make sure she is doing okay, and is happy to hear that she is in Cricket Creek.

Mia is trying hard to be a good waitress at Wine and Diner, but when she gets harassed by some young men, what can Cam do but intervene and aid the damsel in distress?  Trouble is definitely brewing…

PITCH PERFECT is a fun filled story.  Mia is trying her best to make it on her own, but why does trouble always follow her around?  She is a bit naive, but very likeable as she tries to find her place.  Cam is also having his problems when he wants nothing more than to play baseball with the Cricket Creek Cougars.  He can't help but be attracted to Mia.  There is more than one romance in PITCH PERFECT; readers will meet old friends from previous books and enjoy all of the good people who have settled in the small town in Kentucky.  Ms. McLane writes a romantic, light-hearted, feel good story.

Marilyn Heyman