The Heartthrob Series , Book 2
Pocket Star
ISBN: 978-1-5011-7253-3
October 2017
Romantic Comedy

Sea Breeze, Florida – Present Day

Former teen sensation Oliver Heart of the Heartthrob singing group is hoping to make a comeback by launching a solo career, but he needs some publicity to help make it happen. The group's manager suggests Oliver revive his long ago fake romance with former teen pop singer Belinda Beal, but he's not sure he wants to go down that road again. Back then, Belinda turned out to be a diva and the two fought endlessly behind closed doors. But both need a career revival and it makes sense to “hook-up” romantically, at least for the press. While Oliver is mulling over his decision, Belinda shows up unexpectedly at his house. She's now even more beautiful, and Oliver's body is soon on alert.

Belinda wouldn't have tried to revive her career again but she overheard her parents talking about their financial woes and she needs to raise the money as a way to pay them back for all that they did for her. Things didn't work out well between her and Oliver back when they were teens, but she decides to plunge in headfirst with this new plan to fake a romance. The sparks fly between them and something happens that never happened before: they're now sexually attracted to each other. Before Belinda and Oliver know it, they're getting to know each other in and out of bed. But are they headed for an emotional train wreck if they end up falling in love?

Teen superstar hookups don't always mean it's sexual and in IT'S GOTTA BE YOU this was the case for Oliver and Belinda when they were both teen singing sensations. They were thrown together and told to pretend to be in love, but they broke up and each found fame. Now their careers are dead and both need to revitalize them. Why not restart what helped them in the first place? At least that is what their managers think, so Oliver and Belinda go along with it, but soon learn that as adults there is plenty of heat that flares between them. They agree to keep their affair a secret because they don't want anyone, especially his family, to think there's love brewing between them. The last thing Oliver or Belinda want is to fall in love with the other.

There're plenty of sizzling hot sex scenes in IT'S GOTTA BE YOU, the second tale in The Heartthrob Series by LuAnn McLane about the five sexy brothers of a former boy band. Oliver always wanted a solo career, but held back because of his brothers. But now their manager thinks it's a good plan to help spark interest in both Oliver and the band. Of course, he didn't expect this would mean pretending to be involved with Belinda again! She was difficult as a teen, but as adult she's not only sexy, but complicated. Oliver and Belinda click in bed, but they also begin to mean something to one another. Somewhere along the way, they're soon in love. But can they make it work?

A sizzling and funny read, IT'S GOTTA BE YOU is an entertaining and delightful tale that I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer