MISS MATCH Laurelin McGee
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-05918-5
July 2015
Contemporary Romance

Boston The Present

Andrea Dawson has been out of work and living with her younger sister, Lacy, who is a musician. She needs a job but has no recommendation, not even from the employer for whom she worked the last eight years. Lucy shows her an ad for a matchmaker. Only when Andrea dismisses the idea does Lucy admit she has already made an appointment for Andrea to interview with Blake Donovan. Andrea doesn't want to do it until Lacy tells her how financially bad off they are. She goes to the interview and ends up rejecting the offer Blake makes. Later, he essentially bullies her into accepting. Andrea makes first dates for Blake with possible wife candidates, but he rejects one after another. Andrea then begins to worry about losing her job, and not only because of the money, but because she won't see Blake again.

Blake Donovan is very rich, handsome, and owns his own successful company. He wants a beautiful doormat for a wife, someone who won't intrude into his life except when he needs her. He's hiring a matchmaker to find him a wife since he hasn't the time or desire to do it himself. Andrea is the complete opposite of what he wants, being a sexy, outspoken redhead, but he wants her for the matchmaker position since she doesn't seem interested in filling the wife position. Somehow, sparks fly between them anyway; however, he doesn't want to show who the real Blake is to anyone. This makes the job difficult for Andrea, and as he keeps his barriers in place, she tries to figure out who he really is.

Just as the reader senses Blake and Andrea are deeply in love with each other, Andrea finally discovers the wife filling all of Blake's requirements. How can Andrea let him go? Watching these two very headstrong individuals sort out their romance is very entertaining.

Authors Laurelin Paige and Kayti McGee write together as Laurelin McGee.

Robin Lee