A Night Tracker Novel , Book 5
St Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0-312-53269-7
December 2011
Paranormal Romance

New York City - Present Day

With the recent disappearance of Trackers throughout the country, Nyx Ciar is assigned the task of looking into it by Rodán, the Proctor of Manhattan.  The clues Nyx and her team have unraveled have only brought about more questions, and then the unthinkable happens; Rodán goes missing.  A centuries-old Light Elf isn't easy to take, and Nyx finds evidence of a struggle after two Nymphs admit to helping someone set Rodán up for the night of his life.  What they find out next, though, is almost enough to freeze the half-Drow, half-human private investigator in her tracks: Volod is back and has figured out a way to turn paranorms into vampires.

Months ago, Nyx and her team thought they'd defeated Volod in his quest to lead a vampire rebellion, but apparently he wasn't as securely restrained as they thought.  Not only does he know the weaknesses of many of the paranorm races, the ones he's turning are stronger than they were as paranorms, and not quite as easy for the Trackers to defeat.  Worse yet, these paranorm-vampires were once Trackers like themselves.  Thrust into a leadership role, it is up to Nyx to organize the Trackers, find Rodán, and hopefully bring down Volod once and for all.

In the past few months, Nyx has fought off some pretty big evil beings, but in VAMPIRES DEAD AHEAD, she's about to face her biggest test yet.  She's a natural leader and someone whom the other Trackers respect; Rodán is already looking to give her more responsibilities within the group, but Nyx has her reservations.  She's also still suffering a bit of heartbreak over her break-up with Adam, a human detective, which is only confused by her rapidly growing feelings for Colin, a dragon.  Add in the recent release of her brother Tristan (who had been trapped in a stone for twenty-two years) and the relationship that's evolving there, and the addition of new Trackers to her team, and Nyx has a lot on her plate.

Life is about to be turned upside-down for Nyx and her fellow paranorms in the compelling fifth book of the Night Tracker series.  Once again, Cheyenne McCray takes readers on a thrilling ride through the paranormal side of Manhattan , and fans won't be disappointed in VAMPIRES DEAD AHEAD.

Jennifer Bishop