Apple Valley, Book 2
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-3238-0
August 2014
Contemporary Romance

Apple Valley, Washington - Present Day

When Charlotte Garrison catches the bouquet at Tessa McKenzie and Cade Cunningham's wedding, all she longs to do is throw it in the nearest garbage can. She's had her chance at love, and her broken dreams don't make a good basis for a new relationship, or even a hint at one in the future.  Charlotte's only goal is saving enough money to rent a storefront in town so she can move her bakery business out of her house.

Deputy Max Stanford is through with love and women.  His girlfriend brought him to Apple Valley, then she left him, moved away, and he stayed.  But when that very woman, Morgan, shows up in the middle of the night, leaving him with a three year old little girl, who she says is his daughter, Max is in a pickle.  He is sure the child isn't his, but Morgan has hightailed it out of town, and now Max is responsible for little Zuzu until Morgan shows up to claim her.  It's before six in the morning and Max need to be at work, so he's hoping that Charlotte can help him in this hour of great need.  That said, Charlotte is none too happy when Max shows up with a toddler so early in the morning.  Charlotte has pastry deliveries to make, and she does not need a screaming child to contend with.  Still, she agrees to watch Zuzu.  Right away, snoopy neighbor Zimmerman Beck shows up and Zuzu immediately stops crying.  Charlotte bows to the inevitable, grabs Zim's hand, and they set off in her van to make her morning deliveries.

Thus begins the saga of Max, a bachelor deputy who's suddenly saddled with a small child; and Charlotte, a loving and caring young woman whose secret and sexy cupcake recipe is the talk of the town.  Throw in a whole host of humorous and loving characters who are residents in Apple Valley and you have a top notch story.  Cantankerous eighty-something Zimmerman Beck is convinced that equally cantankerous eighty-something Gertrude McKenzie is up to no good, and he wants Max to listen to his story.  But Max is used to Zim's rants; the old man is always complaining about someone.  And right now, Max has more important troubles.  He's trying to keep up with little Zuzu and stop the town busy-bodies from pushing him and Charlotte together when neither of them wants a relationship with anyone.

THE COTTAGE ON THE CORNER is a delightful novel of love, laughter, and romance.  The second novel in the Apple Valley series, THE COTTAGE ON THE CORNER follows THE HOUSE ON MAIN STREET (November 2013), but stands alone on its own.  Both books are great reads that hint at a promising new series!  Coming soon, in July 2015, will be THE ORCHARD AT THE EDGE OF TOWN, book number three in the Apple Valley series.  I can't wait!

Meanwhile, pick up a copy of THE COTTAGE ON THE CORNER for a wonderful and heartwarming romantic read.

Diana Risso