NO MERCY – Jenna McCormick
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN-13:  978-0-7582-8755-7
February 2013
Erotic Futuristic Romance

Another World – The Future

Alone in an alien world, Gia is looking for some quick, no-strings-attached sex.  Unfortunately for her, everyone on this planet wants to feel something for their sex partner, a “real connection”.  Gia has her own stinger-class starship and moves cargo shipments several times a month, but has a lot of free time.  While walking back to her stinger she gets a call from her friend Gen and tells her how abstinence is definitely not for her.  Zan, another pilot, overhears her and decides with her health guard that sucks up bodily fluids, there is no way his sperm can enter her and his secrets become known.  Gia doesn't really trust Zan very much, but his hunky body calls to her, and they return to her starship for some extra terrestrial hanky panky to relieve the tension in her body.  All would have been well until her health guard breaks and Zan's greatest fear happens.  Now what can he do?

Zan enjoyed his hook-up with Gia until the end when he finds out her health guard doesn't work.  For anyone else it's maybe not such an important thing, but for Zan it could mean life or death for both of them.  Zan was made Immortal by his father, but the secret to becoming an Immortal is the Infinity Pool.  Zan's memories are contained in his bodily fluids, and once Gia had them, she now knows where the Infinity Pool is.  Everyone in the solar system wants to be Immortal, and if anyone finds out she knows where it is she would definitely be tortured for her information.  When Gia finds out Zan also slept with her best friend Gen, she grabs the control of her stinger and they take off so she can find out just what happened.  But unfortunately, the stinger can't handle their flight, and they end up crash-landing in a snowy, freezing mountainous area.

The area Zan and Gia crash land is Hosta, which is controlled by men under the command of Xander, Zan's father, a father he'd separated himself from years ago.  But their safety may depend upon Zan convincing Xander that he's come back into the fold.  Maybe that way he can stall him long enough to find a way off Hosta and keep Gia from being raped by every soldier on the female-less planet—that is, if Xander doesn't have sex with her himself and slit her throat during climax.  It will take all of their luck and brains and bravery to escape and try to evade Xander and save their lives.

Secondary characters are each different in their own ways.  The most prominent is Xander, Zan's father, for want of a better word.  He usually slits the throat of his lovers during orgasm and prefers to rule with an iron hand.  Duffy is Zan's first mate on his ship, which is sort of a living creature that follows his instructions when it wants to, but has a mother ship somewhere else.  Duffy has been in lust with Zan for years, but knows deep in his heart that their one joining will never happen again.  And really it never did, it was just a dream Zan put into his mind.  There are other associates of Xander's who hold them captive, and the board members of Illustra, an Earth corporation that runs much of the universe and put out a hit on both Gia and Zan.

NO MERCY is an extremely erotic futuristic romance that doesn't pull any punches.  If you like your sex varied and kinky, this is the book for you.  The futuristic world holds many dangers for Zan and Gia, and the most valuable thing that is missing between them is trust.  They go back and forth between taking turns trusting the other and then thinking the other isn't worthy.  But with Zan's father after them and death around every corner, they must rely solely on their wits and bravery to stay alive.  It's a good thing there's always sex to rely on to take the edge off!  Following NO LIMITS (December 2011) featuring Gia's friend Gen, the future and what has happened to Earth and how people live on other planets will appeal to many readers who are now enthralled with futuristic romances.  There is lots of action and cunning trying to escape their captors, and it will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.  NO MERCY will show you “no mercy” with its graphic sex; so be prepared to go where no one has gone before.

Cece Johns