THE RANGER - Monica McCarty
Highland Guard Series, Book 3
Ballantine Books
January 2011
Historical Romance

Scotland, 1307

Robert of Bruce named Arthur Campbell the 'Ranger' when Arthur became one of his secret (thus the code names) guard. Arthur possesses uncannily acute senses and the ability to fade into the background. These talents let him infiltrate the English supporters' camps and report their plans to Robert. He has also acted as a loyal follower of King Edward of England to gain information. Robert's other guards hold him in suspicion because they do not know what he does. One day during a raid, Arthur saves the life of Anna MacDougall, the daughter of the man Arthur watched kill his father. Robert asks him to infiltrate that man's domain, where one of Arthur's brothers already resides as a supporter of the English. How can Arthur feel attracted to Anna? Nothing can come of this awareness though, and her awareness thwarts his attempt to remain unnoticed in the background.

Anna MacDougall idolizes her father Loren and helps him in every way she can to save their land from Robert the Bruce. She is beautiful and used to getting what she wants, but she is also generous and caring. When Arthur Campbell arrives in their castle, he is the first man to ignore her. Nevertheless, she knows he is attracted to her, and presents a challenge.

Played against the politics and warfare of the Scottish Wars of Independence, THE RANGER is a hide-and-seek romance between two very headstrong individuals. Arthur is on a mission and not prepared for Anna's persistence, or his reaction to her. Solving a mystery will present Arthur with a huge dilemma. History, an impossible romance, intrigue, and a bloody battle, what more could a reader want? THE RANGER will provide it.

THE RANGER is the third in a series of books about Robert the Bruce's Highland Guard. While the other guards play parts in THE RANGER, readers need not have read the previous books, but will probably want to when done reading Arthur and Anne's story.

Robin Lee