Berkley Sensation
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-26173-6
March 2013
Paranormal Romance

Cuttersville, Ohio Present Day

Piper Tucker used to have a huge crush on eighteen-year-old, Brady Stritmeyer back when she was eleven; and now, over thirteen years later, he's knocking on the front door of her friend's house, demanding to be let in.  She hasn't seen him in all that time.  Brady, equally surprised to see a beautiful young woman on the other side of the door, is instantly attracted to her.  His attraction turns to guilt, however, when he hears her name.  Piper Tucker is one sexy woman, but she was practically his little sister when they were growing up, and now, he's thirty-one and much too old for Piper.

As Brady stares at her, Piper is staring at something beyond Brady.  He turns, and sees nothing.  When he faces her, he knows she is seeing ghosts again.  Apparently Piper still sees restless spirits.  People used to criticize her when she was a child, but never Brady; he knew for sure she was telling the truth about her visions.

And it's a good thing that Brady believes in Piper's ability to see ghosts.  The spirit who is haunting her is becoming violent.  Brady decides to help her, and they both become obsessed with a long-forgotten murder that has kept this restless ghost from resting in peace.  If Brady and Piper can solve the crime, Piper's visions will cease, the spirit will rest, and she and Brady can get on with life.

For both Brady and Piper, SEEING IS BELIEVING, as they scramble to solve the mystery that's keeping this spirit around.  The discovery of an old newspaper clipping leads them into an investigation of a murder committed by the ghost; whose name they learn is Rachel.  And Rachel is demanding justice for a wrong done her all those years ago.  Is Rachel innocent or guilty?  Surprises await Brady and Piper in this delightful romance.

A sequel to HEIRESS FOR HIRE (July 2007), SEEING IS BELIEVING is Piper's story.  This novel stands alone; however, I would have liked more back-story included in the book.  That aside, all the characters are lively and the chemistry between Brady and Piper is electric.  The paranormal mystery element has several twists, making SEEING IS BELIEVING a good read.

Diana Risso