JACKED UP – Erin McCarthy
A Fast Track Novel , Book 6
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-25080-8
June 2012
Contemporary Romance

Charlotte, North Carolina – Present Day

As the person in charge of PR for her family's stock car racing company, Eve Monroe has to use all her skills when sexy jackman Nolan Ford inadvertently flashes his buns when his suit splits in the back during a nationally televised race. Nolan has become an internet sensation, and Eve has to placate the team sponsors while killing the bad publicity Nolan's “exposure” caused. Confronting Nolan, Eve is surprised at the reaction she has in his company. She can't suddenly want him? Nolan is laid back and charming, a total opposite of Eve's uptight, take no prisoners personality. Yet, the sparks fly between them, and soon Eve does things that are normally out of place for her, like dressing differently, taking up driving a race car on her own…and acting impulsive during a trip to Las Vegas.

Eve has always lived under the shadows of her brothers' and never said a word when it was implied that she could only work behind the scenes in the family racing business, despite her dream of getting on the track and racing. She's built up a thick shell dealing with people in the business and has a reputation of being a barracuda. Meeting the calm Nolan, who is not in the least bit afraid of Eve, has her reeling back. Polar opposites attract, and the two form a relationship that is filled with sparkling banter and smoking hot chemistry. Nolan brings out the spontaneity in Eve, something she's rarely experienced. Will the newly confident Eve be willing to take her relationship with Nolan to the next level?

Nolan comes from a large family that has had to work hard to get to where they are today. His position as jackman for Eve's brother's car is a feather in his cap. Could getting involved with Eve risk his job? Then there is the issue of money—Eve's family is loaded, while Nolan barely scrapes by. He doesn't want to become a “kept” man, yet he has no way to improve on his current situation. But he can't deny the sizzling attraction he has for Eve, and money and family opposition isn't going to get in the way.

Erin McCarthy has penned another sizzler with JACKED UP, the sixth book in the Fast Track series. Relegated to working behind the scenes, Eve has built a tough, stellar reputation as one of the best in public relations. When Nolan has his wardrobe malfunction, she has to race to tamp down the buzz it generates. Nolan could care less, which infuriates her, yet when he turns on his sexy charm she finds herself melting and falling for him. Nolan challenges her to spread her wings and not let her family's displeasure spoil her newfound spark. While they are total opposites in both how they were raised and how they view life, fiery desire ignites between them. A trip to Vegas finally has Eve letting go of her inhibitions. But “what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas” has lasting implications for both Eve and Nolan. Can they make things work?

JACKED UP is a fun, thrilling read about a woman walking on the wild side, while he finds a woman who challenges him toe to toe. Eve is smart and sassy, a perfect heroine for the laidback and utterly charming Nolan. See for yourself by picking up JACKED UP.

Patti Fischer