TWINS ON THE WAY – Janice Maynard
The Kavanaughs of Silver Glen , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2367
ISBN: 978-0-373-73380-4
April 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada and Silver Glen, North Carolina – Present Day

Billionaire Gavin Kavanaugh is on a business trip to Las Vegas when he rescues Cassidy Corelli, who lives and works in the city, from the man she's arguing with. Instantly attracted, he takes her back to his hotel room, where they eventually end up making love. By dawn the next morning, Cass has snuck out of Gavin's room and he is soon on his way back home to North Carolina. But as the weeks pass, he can't forget about Cass or the fact that she was a virgin. He expected an experienced one-night stand, but she turned out to be something different. Then two months later she shows up on his doorstep to inform him that she's pregnant…with his child.

Cass gave her virginity to Gavin because it was the right time and he was the right man. She is aware he wasn't happy about her not telling him about being a virgin, but the past is in the past. As the oldest child of a Vegas casino owner, she wants to prove to her father that she is capable of running the family business. However, learning that she's pregnant—and having to tell her old-fashioned father—leaves her thrown out of her home and forced to seek the one person she doesn't want to face right now: the baby's father, Gavin. He takes her into his home, but he's immediately skeptical that he's the father. This distrust drives a wedge between them, and if it wasn't for the fact that she has no place to go, she would turn around and leave. Can Cass convince Gavin that the baby she's carrying is really his…and win his love?

An instant attraction leads to a one-night stand in TWINS ON THE WAY. Gavin has shied away from relationships because of once being falsely accused of rape when he was in college. But when he meets sweet and beautiful Cass, he's ready to put his prior hesitation about bedding a woman he barely knows behind him. They don't hit the sheets right away that night because she takes him on a tour of her town and it helps them to get to know each other a little better. Cass has her own problems, mainly because her father prefers Cass's brother be the heir to run the business. Cass wants to prove to her father that she's smart enough and capable of being trusted at the helm. Learning of her pregnancy throws everyone into a tailspin…and an order by her father to find and marry the baby's father.

As the title suggests, soon after arriving in Silver Glen Cass learns she's carrying twins. This news tightens the noose around Gavin's throat. Part of him wants to believe her, but he can't forget the fake rape story that was hatched to swindle millions out of the Kavanaugh family. The truth eventually came out, but with it brought forth Gavin's mistrust. As the days pass, and Gavin introduces Cass to his family, they become closer. Gavin wonders if he can indeed trust and accept Cass as the mother of his children and into his life…permanently.

A sizzling attraction neither expects is at the core of TWINS ON THE WAY by Janice Maynard, the latest in her Kavanaughs of Silver Glen series about a family who owns most of a small town in North Carolina. Cass feels her life tumbling out of control after she ends up pregnant, but Gavin's distrust of her hurts her even more. Can they find the rainbow to a happily-ever-after pot of gold in TWINS ON THE WAY? Find out for yourself in this super fun read.

Patti Fischer