The Men of Wolff Mountain , Book 6
Harlequin Desire #2236
ISBN: 978-0-373-73249-4
June 2013
Series Romance

Nashville, Tennessee and Wolff Mountain, Virginia – Present Day

Hired by elusive heiress Winnie Bellamy, security expert Larkin Wolff understands what it's like to live under a microscope. His own wealthy family faced a tragedy years ago, which ended with Larkin and his siblings, along with three cousins, growing up in an isolated mountain enclave dubbed Wolff's Castle. Winnie has kept herself mostly behind the doors of her gated estate, but Larkin suspects there's more to her hiding from the press than she lets on. He's relentless, and finally forces her to reveal that her vast estate is a safe haven for battered women. Larkin is impressed, but wonders why Winnie has devoted herself to these women's safety.

Winnie grew up as the only child of elderly parents who spent most of their time on the road, leaving her behind to the care of nannies and hired help. As such, she doesn't have much in the way of social skills and prefers to only come out socially when needed. The main priority of her life is to provide secret financial support and refuge for women and children who have been abused, but the recent unwanted attention on her has the press trying to see what makes her tick. Larkin immediately suggests that she accompany him to his family's remote estate in Virginia until the press loses interest. Winnie agrees, but wonders if she's made a mistake. She finds Larkin charming and attractive, and she's not looking for a fling. Can she enter the Wolff's lair without losing her heart?

Larkin doesn't discuss much about the pain he and his family experienced nearly thirty years ago when his mother and aunt were brutally killed by kidnappers. Locked inside him is more than just about the tragedy, but what went on with his family behind closed doors. He can understand Larkin wanting to protect her privacy, though her refusal to come clean with him at first has him annoyed because he needs to know everything about her in order to protect her. Even after he learns the truth, he wonders what more she is hiding. Taking her to Wolff Mountain will not only keep her out of the public eye, but allow him to attend a family party. Yet, by the time they arrive, Larkin is attracted to Winnie, despite her refusal to get involved. She intrigues him as no other woman has done in the past. Winnie is mostly an innocent, but certainly not a virgin. Larkin's attraction for her scares her—as does her own response to him. She has spent most of her adult life not getting involved with men, but Larkin is a temptation she may not be able to resist.

Readers who have read the previous books in The Men of Wolff Mountain series are familiar with Larkin and the rest of his family. In TAMING THE LONE WOLFF, Larkin has kept himself mostly away from the family estate, only visiting when needed for family functions. His response to Winnie makes it clear that he wants her, whose quiet beauty is unlike that of any woman he's ever met. He wants to know what makes her tick and wants to protect her from whatever may hurt her. Winnie sees Larkin as a man who is dangerous to her serene life and she doesn't want to give in, and their sensual tug of war strengthens the sizzling chemistry between them. Both Larkin and Winnie have trust issues, and by the end of TAMING THE LONE WOLFF, they finally open up to each other about what has hurt them in the past. Will it be enough to open their hearts to love—and a happily-ever-after?

An emotional and passionate tale that sizzles with the fiery attraction between sweet Winnie and hard driven Larkin, TAMING THE LONE WOLFF is one not to be missed.

Patti Fischer