The Men of Wolff Mountain , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2135
ISBN: 978-0-373-73148-0
January 2012
Series Romance

Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia – Present Day

Reclusive billionaire Gareth Wolff doesn't like people invading his fortress, so when a strange woman shows up on his doorstep, he's angry. After telling her in no uncertain terms to leave, she accidentally falls off his porch, and the resulting head injury has given her amnesia. Will Dare Gareth be a real animal and let her fend for herself out there, or shall he open his home while she recovers? Of course, the real question is what she really was doing on his mountain in the middle of nowhere. While the woman, Gracie Darlington, appears truthful in her amnesia claim, can Gareth begin to even trust her…or trust himself because of his rising attraction for her? Is he treading on dangerous waters?

Gracie is upset because she can't remember anything and because she feels as though she may be a bad person for whatever reason she had for showing up on Gareth's doorstep. The man has made it clear he doesn't want her, yet neither can deny the pull of desire that radiates between them and, as each day passes, the harder it is to resist. Gareth has been hurt by a painful past and clearly prefers being on his own. Slowly, Gracie's presence has him opening up. But once Gracie's memory returns, will the true reason for her being there drive a wedge between them?

A sexy and emotional read, INTO HIS PRIVATE DOMAIN will tug at your heart when you learn about the pain Gareth endured as a child. Gracie is a bit of a mystery, and while her reasons for popping up on his doorstep have all the markings of ulterior motives, she appears to be sweet and guiltless. Gareth doesn't want to trust Gracie, yet their sizzling chemistry is enough to heat up the cool nights. But time and time again, Gareth pushes Gracie away, to the point that she's in tears. She is willing to leave, yet the isolated enclave doesn't exactly have a way for her to get off without assistance. Things are further strained between them when Gracie's attempts to contact her father only lead to more suspicion when her father basically encourages her to seduce Gareth and leaves her to the “wolf.”

In the first book in The Men of Wolff Mountain series, we are introduced to Gareth, the oldest brother and the one who was most affected by the death of his mother in his childhood. We also meet Gareth's brother Jacob and a cousin, Annalise, but they play small parts in INTO HIS PRIVATE DOMAIN. This tale is about the sensual discovery and coming together of Gareth and Gracie. Gareth has holed himself up so long in his home on the mountain that Gracie is like water for a thirsty man. He can't get enough of her. The love scenes are smoking hot, and their road to happiness is filled with ups and downs. Will they find love in the end? Find out for yourself; pick up a copy of INTO HIS PRIVATE DOMAIN for a truly engaging read.

Patti Fischer