The Men of Wolff Mountain , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2164
ISBN: 978-0-373-73177-0
June 2012
Series Romance

Antigua and Blue Ridge Mountains – Present Day

Renowned actress Ariel Dane needs a man ASAP. Preferably someone who is safe and willing to keep her secret. Dr. Jacob Wolff is the man she's come seeking as she steps onto his turf in the opening pages of IMPOSSIBLE TO RESIST. Jacob is surprised and intrigued at the offer from the beautiful Ariel. All he has to do is to pose as her latest lover and accompany her on location to the shooting of her newest movie. With his being a doctor, he'll be an added bonus if she gets sick from the malaria she contracted months ago and is trying to keep secret from the press. Jacob is curious enough to agree, even though he wonders how he'll be able to keep his hands off Ariel. She is a temptress he won't be able to resist. But can there be any future between a Hollywood princess who loves the limelight and the lone Wolff?

A man shaped by the horror of losing his mother to murderous kidnappers at a young age, Jacob has spent most of his life hidden away. Though he thought he'd start life anew as a doctor, even that came to a crashing halt when he lost the one woman he loved. Since then Jacob has not given his heart to anyone and remains holed up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. But Ariel's request stirs something inside him—both protectiveness and a desire for her that he can't quite fathom. He can't promise Ariel love, but he can offer protection. Yet what he learns about her and the sacrifices she's made has him reeling, leaving him wondering about his own motives.

Ariel might be a beautiful, smart, and famous actress, but she's down to earth when it comes to life. Right now she is juggling a new role while trying to deal with her mother's terminal illness and her own battle with malaria. It feels comfortable letting Jacob take care of her for once as he shields her from the demands of show biz. To make their relationship appear real, Jacob and Ariel share an oceanfront villa, where closeness makes for more than just getting to know each other. The passion sizzles between them, yet Ariel's other deep secret has Jacob reeling.

IMPOSSIBLE TO RESIST is an emotion filled tale of two people who have erected walls to keep their feelings away from prying eyes. Ariel is worried about her mother more than she is herself. Jacob is taking his first baby steps out into the real world after years of basically keeping himself hidden at Wolff Mountain. Piece by piece the walls come tumbling down, leaving their emotions bared. As IMPOSSIBLE TO RESIST draws closer to the end, Jacob may have found his mate, but is it too late as Ariel walks away? Can they find happiness? Discover for yourself in this sizzling and entertaining tale.

Patti Fischer