FOR BABY'S SAKE – Janice Maynard
The Kavanaghs of Silver Glen , Book 7
Billionaires and Babies
Harlequin Desire #2461
ISBN: 978-0-373-73474-0
August 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Silver Glen, North Carolina – Present Day

James Kavanagh hasn't spoken to his neighbor, Lila Baxter, since their torrid affair ended three years ago after she wouldn't give up her workaholic ways. But one day he spots her coming home in the middle of the day and is intrigued.  He watches her lift out of her car a baby girl, which makes him even more curious. Turns out Lila has been awarded guardianship of her orphan niece, and she doesn't have a clue what to do. James, who comes from a large family, steps in and assists Lila. After she asks him to remodel her house for a nursery, she and the baby Sybbie end up moving in with James temporarily. Are things getting a little too cozy for a couple who once were lovers?

Lila is feeling frazzled and torn. She loves her niece, but her job is also important to her. She's grateful for James's help, but admits things are a little tense given their previous relationship. As Lila struggles over whether to keep Sybbie or give her up for adoption, the attraction between them rises once more. Is it going to end badly…again?

The seventh and final installment in The Kavanaghs of Silver Glen introduces us to James, the youngest Kavanagh son. He has been the most affected by his father's disappearance years ago even though he was very young. He feels a sense of abandonment and betrayal. When Lila moved in next door three years ago, the two hit it off and started seeing one another, but her need to concentrate on work and not him led to fights. They finally split and hadn't spoken to each other since, other than a curt “hello” when they saw each other. Seeing Lila's vulnerability has him stepping in to help her out with Sybbie, as James has a natural affinity for children.

Lila wasn't close to her late half-sister and was surprised when she was left guardianship after the child's parents died in a car accident. She is having to take time off work, but with a big audit coming up, she needs to return to her job. James agrees to not only help Lila out by doing the remodeling, but to watch Sybbie during the day. Their closeness stirs up the memories of their affair of three years ago, especially as to how good the sex was between them. Lila tries to not let it pull her into the seductive web of falling for James again, but her heart may have its own idea.

As James and Lila struggle to understand their feelings for each other, the search for James's father may come to a close in FOR BABY'S SAKE. The disappearance of the family patriarch has affected each of the children. While one can read FOR BABY'S SAKE as a standalone without too much difficultly, other characters from the previous books do hop in and out during this story.

A sizzling tale of reunited lovers, FOR BABY'S SAKE is an enjoyable and emotional journey readers won't want to miss.

Patti Fischer