The Kavanaughs of Silver Glen , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2344
ISBN: 978-0-373-73357-6
December 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Silver Glen, North Carolina – Present Day

Aidan Kavanaugh arrives in Silver Glen a few days before his brother's wedding and is shocked to see an old flame of his from England living in town. Emma Braithwaite and Aidan had a fling while in college, but parted in anger over some misunderstandings. A lot has happened in the ten years since they split, but lust comes roaring back between them once again. But being in Silver Glen has Aidan already uncomfortable because of something that happened there years ago, and it may put a huge obstacle in any chance of reconciliation with Emma.

Emma didn't mean to end up in Silver Glen after she left England years ago, but she took a chance to visit and fell in love with the town, settling down to run a shop. She knew it was inevitable that Aidan would show up in town—especially for his brother's upcoming wedding, but she had hoped she could stay in the background and he wouldn't notice. But after he nearly ran her down (accidentally) there was no avoiding one another. She's never forgotten him, but he makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her. Alas, the desire between them burns hotter than a Christmas light.

Neither Aidan nor Emma expected to pick up where their affair ended ten years ago, but that's what happens in Janice Maynard's CHRISTMAS IN THE BILLIONAIRE'S BED. Aidan is not in the Christmas spirit when he arrives, but maybe being around Emma will lift them. It doesn't take long for Emma and Aidan to make love, but coming together is bittersweet as he makes it clear it will only be a fling. Can Emma accept this? Will breaking up the second time around be even harder?

Aidan's memories of Christmas are not pleasant for him. I won't give away all the reasons why as you will need to read CHRISTMAS IN THE BILLIONAIRE'S BED to discover what it's all about. But he will be here for his brother and put up with his mother's attempts at drawing him into the Christmas mindset and some matchmaking of her own between him and Emma. Aidan also lashes out at Emma at first, thinking that she is trying to get in with his family as some sort of revenge against him. She soon convinces him otherwise, but getting him to fall in love with her again is going to be an even bigger obstacle. Readers who haven't read the prior two books in The Kavanaughs of Silver Glen can pretty much read this as a standalone without too much difficulty, but his brothers and mother do make occasional appearances.

A possible reconciliation and making up for what happened in the past is in store for Emma and Aidan in CHRISTMAS IN THE BILLIONAIRE'S BED. A sizzling Christmas tale that turns to joy and love, don't miss this sexy treat.

Patti Fischer