BABY FOR KEEPS – Janice Maynard
The Kavanaghs of Silver Glen , Book 2
Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2307
ISBN: 978-0-373-73320-0
June 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Silver Glen, North Carolina – Present Day

The last thing Dylan Kavanagh expects to find in the saloon he owns is a baby, but there she is, along with her mother, Mia Larin, a childhood acquaintance of his. He hasn't seen Mia since high school, and he has to admit he still feels a bit intimidated by her intelligence and wonders why she's here. Turns out she is unemployed, and on a whim, decided to come to Silver Glen to see how he was doing. Dylan has a need for a bookkeeper, so he offers her the job, sweetening the offer to lure her with a free apartment.  Dylan is intrigued by Mia and thought keeping her at arm's length will work, but after a fire she's forced to move to move into his house. Will being in close quarters stir up some attraction between them?

Mia didn't come back to Silver Glen to ask Dylan for a job, but when he does, she's grateful because she doesn't want to end up homeless and unable to support her baby. Since the apartment she was to move into burns, she and her baby, Cora, end up living with him. Mia always had a bit of a crush on Dylan in high school, but he always brushed her off. Mia is highly intelligent and educated, but that doesn't help when she has to consider the needs of her daughter. Taking Dylan's offer makes sense, and maybe it will give her a chance to make him realize that she's attracted to him.

Her baby was born through a sperm donor, and Mia thought she had it all worked out getting pregnant and taking time off, but then her job was eliminated. She wants to spend time with Cora, and Dylan's job offer will allow her to do so. She also wants to explore these lingering feelings she has for him, though he makes it clear he doesn't want to have sex with her. Is it her….or something else?

Geeky Mia briefly tutored a sullen Dylan way back in their high school days, and while she had a crush on him, after one kiss between them, he didn't want to look closely at why he felt something for her. A lot has happened since then. Dylan's family has prospered in the hospitality business (they own the swanky resort hotel that dominates this small town), and he has opened a saloon that does well. But after a failed engagement with a gold digger, he doesn't want to get involved with any woman, especially one with a higher IQ than his. Yet that doesn't stop Dylan from having these conflicted emotions for Mia. Conflicted because she's only going to be around a few weeks and because he's sworn off marriage. She might even be looking for a baby daddy.

There's a lot of emotion to be found in BABY FOR KEEPS, the second tale in The Kavanaghs of Silver Glen series by Janice Maynard. Dylan likes Mia, but he wants them to remain friends. However, spending time alone in his house soon has them kissing…and pushing aside any lingering doubts about making love. Will their affair end when her job does? Can Dylan see that there's more to Mia than a high IQ? Love surely has to save the day. Grab yourself a copy of BABY FOR KEEPS in this sizzling read.

Patti Fischer